Ghana is the kind of place where, if you do not live there already, you might not consider it somewhere you would choose to call home. That is because it does not have much in the way of modern conveniences; there is no public transport, for example. However, what it lacks in these areas it more than makes up for in others. It is a charming, friendly, beautiful country, and it deserves a little more attention that it currently gets. Read on to find out why you should live in Ghana at least once. 

Partying Is A Way Of Life

Perhaps unusually, the capital of Ghana, Accra, is typically fairly quiet at the weekends. Many people choose to leave the city at that time and go visit relatives in the country or simply take some time out. However, that does not mean there is no nightlife. In fact, every weeknight you will find some kind of party happening, and you will be welcome at all of them. Whether it is at someone’s home, in a club, at the beach, or in a specially designed concert venue, you will always have somewhere to go and something to do. Since your weekends are free, you can use that time to catch up on sleep or explore the wider area, for example. 

Stunning Beaches 

Would it surprise you to learn that Ghana has 310 miles (more than 500 kilometers) of gorgeous coastline to explore and enjoy? Some beaches are more crowded than others, some have a variety of watersports to have fun with, some are ideal for families – with that much coastline there is sure to be a beach that suits you and your particular requirements. 

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What is true for all of Ghana’s beaches is that they are beautiful. The country is rightly proud of its coastline and takes care of it, ensuring that it is litter-free and safe for locals and visitors alike. A day at the beach is never a day wasted in Ghana. 

So Much History 

Ghana is considered the gateway to West Africa, and as such, it is the home of plenty of history. If you love to learn more about the place you are living, Ghana can teach it to you. You might find that even if you see apartments for rent in a newly built complex, there is still a lot of history surrounding it. 

Many different countries have ruled Ghana including Denmark, Sweden, Britain, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Germany. That means many different influences have made the country what it is today, and the history is vast and exciting. You will see European influences side by side with Ashanti folklore and the result is spectacular. 

Time Is Not Important 

In Ghana, you will learn an entirely new way of timekeeping; the main rule is that time is not all that important, and that it can be entirely flexible. Do not be surprised if something is scheduled for four o’clock but does not actually start until six o’clock, or even later. This might seem strange at first, especially if you come from a country that is very strict about time and where life is fast paced. You will get used to it, though, and when you do, you will find life is much easier and much less stressful.

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