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Are you in search of a free web proxy app or software? Then you must switch to Proxyium, as it is one of the leading free proxy sites for your needs. As you are aware, internet users are rising day by day. It has become a tedious task for the parties involved to keep a check on the uploaded content, so they are banning a particular category. 

This action keeps the interested public devoid of the content. They are looking for alternative platforms and proxy apps. 

Most of the proxy applications and software available on the market are expensive or have irritating pop-ups and advertisements in them. This makes the downloading process challenging, but as a user, you can choose Proxyium to get rid of these obstacles.

 Proxyium is useful in a variety of other contexts in addition to these, as will be explained below. First of all, we must know what a proxy site is and how it functions.

Proxyium VPN and other proxy sites 

Both VPN and proxy network are two different terms. A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, where you can create a private network of your own and mask your identity, whereas in a proxy network, it is done anonymously along with some additional checks for your safety. 

The main purpose of this program has been sidelined by the users and is used for many other purposes. As you are aware, contents are regulated by the government and are available under the law of the land, but users these days can change their IP address to any desired country’s address and can easily download their desired files, games, movies, shows, and other related content. There are many software programs through which you can achieve a desired task, but all have some or other limitations.

Proxyium is one such platform that provides you with both features. It is one of the most used free proxy server websites and is used by millions of users worldwide. 

Limitations of other Proxy server apps and VPNs

Not free: The majority of VPN and proxy applications are not free. They will demand money from you in some or the other way. Moreover, the quality of service provided is also not up to mark.

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Has tons of advertisements – Some of the VPNs may lure you in by advertising free software to you but they have tons of advertisements in their platform, which often redirect you to other irrelevant advertisements and websites. This makes your task more cumbersome and the process an infuriating one. 

Advanced Features of Proxyium: To overcome all these limitations, Proxyium is there for you. It is a free VPN Proxy server and has no advertisements. Here are some of the important tasks that you can accomplish using the Proxyium server.

Get access to all censored websites: A country may censor a particular category or a website for some reason, but with the help of the Proxyium software, you can also get access to those sites without hassle. For this, you have to try switching your VPN to another country. 

It helps you keep your identity anonymous. Proxyium also hides your identity over the web for security and privacy purposes. It will also filter spam sites and content for you.

Get access to hacked games, videos, and movies, for free using Proxyium: The Proxyium platform is not only free, but the content that you are going to download is also free. On the OTT platforms, you will find a subscription-based model, but all that content can be freely downloaded using the Proxyium site. Hacked versions of games, and other software that are banned in a particular region but available in others can also be found using Proxyium. 

Proxyium provides secure SSL encryption: Whenever you access any site, some of them are encrypted by SSL while others are not, but Proxyium will by default encrypt all the sites by SSL encryption for you. All the latest internet standards are duly matched by the Proxyium platform which makes it one of the most advanced proxy servers in the best category. 

Proxyium has inter platform operability: Proxyium is not only limited to Windows; it can also be operated on Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems. You can use it by going to their website, or you can download their application for convenience. 

Proxyium supports unlimited downloads: Most of the free VPN platforms will give you restricted space for downloads, and to upgrade that, they will pitch you for their subscription, but Proxyium provides free unlimited downloads for its users; this feature enables users to use this platform more often. 

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No installation is required: Other platforms may request that you download their application or software, and then they will provide you with access, but Proxyium can be used without downloading. You have to reach the Proxyium site, and you can instantly accomplish your task on the site. 

Proxyium free server, an Introduction:

Proxyium free server
Proxyium free server
  • Proxiyum is one of the most advanced platforms for all sorts of downloads and proxy server-related activities. Once you are here on the website, you will see a couple of advertisements in the center page. Just below that, you will see a search bar where you can select your desired country and get the corresponding VPN. 
  • There is also a URL option where you can paste the desired URL and get access to it on the Proxyium platform. Depending on your preference, you can select three modes of VPN servers. The three options available are slow, medium, and fast. 
  • There are some FAQs and some instructions already given on the homepage of the Proxyium site itself, for the convenience of the users. 
  • Primarily, there are three use cases mentioned on the Proxyium website, which are:
  1. General Web Proxy: To protect your data and privacy over the cloud and to download censored content, you can use this feature.
  2. YouTube Web Proxy: This is one of the most advanced features of the Proxyium website. There aren’t many sites that provide Youtube Web Proxy, but with this feature of Proxyium, you can get access to all YouTube videos.
  3. Website Unblocker: This feature can be used to get access to blocked and censored websites in your region. 

List of countries available on Proxyium for VPN:

You don’t require more than one country for VPN downloads still the Proxyium has given ample options to its users. All the VPN sites and applications give the proxy addresses of only those countries that are liberal in terms of internet content and related laws. Here is the list of countries available on the Proxyium site.

  • Poland 
  • France
  • Germany
  • United States
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • Turkey
  • Pakistan
  • Indonesia
  • Russia
  • Portugal

Steps to use Proxyium server for free:

Proxyium server
Proxyium server
  1. There are no charges associated with the Proxyium website but the steps to use may vary depending on your needs. If you require just a proxy IP address and create a Virtual ID, you can simply move to the website and create an ID.
  2. If you want to get access to a blocked link or website, you need to copy that link and paste it on the bar given in the center of the homepage of Proxyium. Once you hit “Go”, the link that was restricted in your region, will be made available for you by the Proxyium platform.
  3. If you want to download any restricted file using Proxyium, then all the above steps remain the same. Once you open the link, you will get an option to download your desired content using Proxyium. 
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Here are some FAQs regarding the Proxyium free VPN server.

What is Proxyium used for?

Proxyium is an advanced platform that gives you free VPN and proxy server features so that you can download any particular file over the internet with ease. It also protects user’s data and privacy.

How can I download videos from Proxyium wesbite?

It is a misconception that you can directly download any video file from Proxyium. You can enter a particular link that is not working in your region on the Proxyium website and if there is any video associated with the link, you will get the option to download. 

Is it safe to use the Proxyium site?

Proxyium is a safe website for its users. It not only protects their data but also prevents its leakage. The only risk associated with using such sites is that you may be bombarded with tons of irrelevant advertisements and pop-ups.

How can I download the Proxyium application?

Proxyium is one of the advanced free VPN platforms and therefore you don’t have to download it in order to get access. You can directly land on the homepage and begin using Proxyium.

How can I contact Proxyium?

If you are facing any difficulty in using the Proxyium website or want to give your suggestions and feedback to the team, you can do so by scrolling towards the end of the homepage. Here you will find the “Contact” menu. Once you select this, it will give you a list of FAQs and an option to “leave a message”. You can type your query here along with your email ID and the team will revert to you in some time.

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