Onotex Review: Best Trading Features for Beginners

Onotex is the biggest online brokerage across countries, a good solution for investors and foreign clients wishing to trade local stock markets on an online platform.

 Is Onotex have web charts?

It has advanced modules for charting that feature distinct sketching tools and selectable indicators, which rapidly established the user’s favorite tool in the Chrome browser. Only a few minor flaws were discovered. HLC bars, for instance, aren’t permitted for charting, as well as the chart settings are not allowed to save to an account. Rather, any changes are automatically saved, and restoring the mark-up means building again. 

Onotex add a sophisticated with just a solid mix of functionality that helps avoid complexity. It features a range of preset and unique layouts. Onotex, on the other hand, is designed for even more sophisticated investors and has more capabilities than the Onotex web platform.

 Is Onotex provide an edge overview?

Onotex, is designed for more sophisticated investors and has more capabilities than the web platform of Onotex. Our trade view tool, for instance, has a simple design but is packed with features like several views and specific sorts of interactive maps which can be sorted across exchanges to see the worst and best performers. Also, there are additional tools available for aggressive traders. 

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 Is Onotex provide features for active traders?

Active features for the trading of Onotex similar to the Onotex web, function well on Mac and Windows. We were also pleased to see that traders can avoid the confirmation email box (vital for our day traders), that complete hotkeys are available, and that default order values for stocks and options, as well as order variables such as route, duration, and order type that all can be configured.

 Is Onotex suitable for new traders? 

Due to the simplicity of the use of its platforms and websites, a huge list of instructional content, and affordable pay rates for the users’ equity markets, Onotex will suit the demands of most new traders. While Onotex s content for novices might be expanded beyond platform lessons, we found several of its old seminars to be informative.

 Is Onotex a safe place to put my money?

Yes, Onotex has over a billion in customer assets as well as is regulated by the regulatory organization of the investment industry. Under certain conditions and restrictions of usage, Onotex would even reimburse percent of losses resulting from unlawful account activity.

 Is Onotex suitable for use in other countries? 

Onotex has a variety of cost structures for retail and active traders, and it is tailored to investors with a variety of account types that comply with local regulations and connection to users’ equities markets. The users have access to managed portfolios available only to residents’ users and can form auto accounts, or fee bank account.

 Mobile trading

The mobile app of Onotex, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices, closely resembles the web version Onotex trading platform. The mobile app navigation of Onotex layout and tabs provide a comparable user experience to the online version. We were unable to snap smartphone photographs for this rating due to a security restriction that prohibits snapshots from the inside app.

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The mobile app foundation of Onotex is solid. Aside from the simplicity of use, the app has a lot of space for improvement when opposed to the range of tools offered by the leading brokers in this group.

Pros and Cons


  • Inadequate application Fees for trading and other currencies. 
  • The minimum investment is high.
  • Fees for selling ETFs. 


  • Not available in all countries 


Onotex, particularly for foreign residents, offers another good investment portfolio with two trading systems that cater to both active and casual traders. Clients of Onotex get accessibility to clear, fair prices and the ability to negotiate shares, ETFs, and options of local and foreign companies. Despite a few flaws discovered throughout our testing, Onotex comes out on top.

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