McAfee antivirus: the security feature that you need on your device to keep it safe

Macafee, the American computer security company, has been in the game for a very long time. They have been in the game for so long that they are one of the most reliable computer security companies in the world. McAfee provides its security software globally. This allows people from all over the world to use the best security software to keep their devices safe. With several software packages, two software packages are hugely popular with the crowd, because they provide total security. 

McAfee antivirus 1 pc 1-year subscription 

The McAfee antivirus 1 pc software package gives you a 1-year subscription on a global level. The global key, irrespective of where you live, you can download and install the software without worrying about product key issues. One of the key features of the software packages are:

a). Total protection from viruses: You do not have to worry about having a hidden Trojan or malware in your system as you carry out your daily tasks on your computer. The antivirus wipes away all the viruses and malware that are there in the system. 

b). The majority of the antivirus tends to be quite heavy; that is, they can put a lot of pressure on the CPU and cause lagging. This can hinder your tasks, but McAfee is extremely light software. You would not have to worry about performance issues when you use McAfee as it will work silently in the background. 

c). With reports of networks being compromised easily, people are more worried about their privacy being compromised and their private photos and videos being leaked. Not only that, but even hackers can even turn on your camera without you noticing and can capture everything. McAfee, with its advanced protection system, makes sure that your privacy is not compromised, and your home network is secure. 

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d). Even if you delete files, these files can be retrieved from the system. McAfee presents with the data shredder that shreds everything so that there is no way the file can be retrieved to keep hackers from retrieving those deleted confidential files. Once shredded means it’s gone forever. 

e). The vulnerability scanner helps look for vulnerabilities in your system and then recommends you patches and actions that you can perform to keep your computer secure. The application looks for any driver updates and other software updates to make your computer is up to date. 

f). The internet is not safe, and this is no news to you. You have to be extremely careful when you are online and surfing. But even if you are always on the alert to look for red flags, you can never be always too careful. McAfee SiteAdvisor is specially designed to help you keep away from the potentially dangerous sites. The SiteAdvisor uses a Color rating system to indicate whether a site is safe or not.

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McAfee antivirus 3 pc 1-year subscription

McAfee also provides multi-device options for ones who need antivirus on different computers. Instead of buying and installing antivirus separately on each computer, with McAfee antivirus 3 pc 1 year globalyou can buy and install antivirus in all three devices with just a single click. Again McAfee offers this 3 pc total protection globally. 

This software package has all the features that have been mentioned above already with one additional benefit that is support for multi PC’s. 

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