How Does Live Video Surveillance Work and Why Choose It?

The reduction in violent crime rates that we’re continuously on the downturn since the 1990s is, unfortunately, starting to reverse. The percentage of violent crimes among residents aged 12 or older is increasing from 2015 onwards.

So it would be best if you took the necessary precautions to avoid such incidents at your home. That’s when the solution of live video surveillance becomes the ultimate choice. If you’re unaware of what it is or have limited knowledge, this article is for you. Learn how video surveillance works and why you should adopt it for your home.

How Live Video Surveillance Works?

Companies, government agencies, and property owners use live video surveillance as a tool to prevent intrusion and crimes. It uses high-quality cameras, internet connection, human guards, and in some cases, Artificial Intelligence to watch over the area. In a more detailed explanation, here’s how the process works:

1. Camera Captures the Scenes

The video surveillance process starts with installing CCTV cameras at various points. These points are determined after analysis so that it offers maximum viewability. If you’re going to protect your homes or offices, you will place cameras both inside and outside your house. Primarily, they’ll be installed at your entry and exit door, front yard, backyard, and off-street windows.


There are different types of CCTV cameras you can choose from: dome CCTV cameras, bullet cameras, day/ night cameras, Network/IP cameras, among others. You should have a discussion with the camera company on which cameras to install for your home/property.

2. Video Footage is Sent to SRC

The captured video footage is then sent to an SRC or Signals Receiving Center. All of your cameras are connected to an internet network that continuously transmits this signal 24X7. The video is encoded at your end and decoded at the SRC for safety.

The SRC stores the footage at their data center for months and years, depending on your requirement. For you, the footage is stored in the cloud, and you can access it whenever you want to.

3. Human Operators Oversee the Feed

At the Signals Receiving Center, there are several human operators employed by the security company. They oversee these camera feeds and spot potential threats.

These services are beneficial for people who lack the time to monitor the feeds themselves. With a dedicated team to do this job, you can rest assured.

4. AI Assess the Situation

Some security companies will deploy Artificial Intelligence along with human supervision. This is to ensure the overall process is more efficient and safe.

In most cases, the operators oversee multiple feeds; at times, scores of feeds at once. So they may miss specific movements that can be a potential threat. But AI can spot these movements with greater accuracy and alert the human operators. So the entire process becomes safer and reliable.

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The modern AIs are also designed to overlook regular movements like a car driving by or a dog playing around. It avoids false alarms.

5. Operators Evaluate the Scenario and Alert if Necessary

Based on the AI alerts, the operators evaluate the situation and check if an intervention is really necessary. If so, they alert the nearest law enforcement agencies to intervene at the earliest. They will also set the home alarm off and alert the occupants that there’s a potential threat nearby. This way, you don’t have to call the police yourself. They will be on their way by the time you’re aware of the threat.

The security companies might adopt more sophisticated operations. You can get the complete details by checking with the company.

Benefits of Live Video Surveillance

The live video surveillance services are paid services. They will charge you either monthly or annually for the service. There are numerous advantages of the surveillance services, because of which they’re worth the price. Some of the benefits are:

1. Greater Security

The combination of AI and human operators offers greater security than self-monitoring. You can rely on technology and services’ expertise to ensure that your property is well taken care of.

2. Calls Made by Surveillance Services are Verified

The surveillance services call the law enforcement agencies when they spot a threat. These calls are verified and hence taken seriously. These calls will be prioritized over other calls. So expect the quickest action possible.

3. Peace of Mind

Lastly, you can have some peace of mind by hiring video surveillance services to protect your home. You do not have to analyze the feed yourself and can engage in other activities. When you’re on vacation, too, you have your house watched over for safety.

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When you’re working with a live video surveillance service provider, you need to conduct proper research about your locality. If you’re living in a high-crime rate area, request the best security option without deciding solely on the price point.


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