Systemic Barriers

Women are bravely turning to the blockchain in circumstances filled with financial barriers that obstruct economic independence, entrepreneurial initiatives, autonomy, and stability. Faced with these significant obstacles, they are embracing blockchain’s ability to get over traditional financial limitations. This gives individuals the ability to seize increased financial opportunities for their own journeys as well as for the welfare of their families and businesses. Further, you can visit

Economic Freedom

Women frequently struggle to obtain and move money, generate their own income, and secure funding for new ventures. This occurs as a result of regional norms, discriminatory laws, computer programs, and even unreliable banks and financial systems. A large number of women are adopting bitcoin trading to address these concerns across the Middle East and portions of North Africa. They are learning how to use digital tools to generate side income, frequently with assistance from local organizations. They now have a means of making money on their own, independent of their spouses or conventional banks.

The blockchain can be a lifeline for women in nations whose financial systems are malfunctioning or unreliable as a result of corruption. These ladies from all backgrounds may send and receive money from relatives and friends in other countries without relying on traditional institutions thanks to cryptocurrency. Some businesses are also improving. They serve as a bank for refugees and other people in need, allowing them to save and transfer money across borders, similar to Leaf Global FinTech in Rwanda. Kenya also has KotaniPay, which enables companies to receive payments and loans even if they are unable to use conventional banks.

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Capital Funding

There are many challenges faced by women business owners, and one significant one is a lack of funding for expansion. According to McKinsey, businesses led by women received 2.8% of large investment dollars in 2021 and 2.3% in 2022. The cool thing is that some women are avoiding traditional sources of fundraising by turning to a technique known as seed crowdfunding. When they do this, they either use cryptocurrency like Ethereum or Bitcoin to provide an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), or they create brand-new methods on their own. This enables them to raise money from people who genuinely support their business idea.

An intriguing fact is that businesses issue these unique coins depending on how well or poorly they are doing. Those who have faith in the company can directly purchase these coins from them. These coins are worth as much as the corporation, but they don’t allow you to make decisions about it. They can also be bought, sold, or traded. What’s startling is that males seem to be nine times more interested in this coin phenomenon than women. Only 13% of the teams participating in this are female. But what’s this? Women fare better at this coin thing than they do with the usual large sums from investors. They raise more money when there is a mix of men and women, and women-led teams are even 32% more likely to reach their financial targets.

Women Investments 

Businesses that use cutting-edge blockchain technology are discovering the value of funding female-run enterprises. Algorand donated $150,000 to Women Who Code to support the education of female developers in blockchain. On occasions like International Women’s Day in 2022, Gemini and The Giving Block, two additional businesses, received funding from cryptocurrency users. But wait, UNICEF has a grand plan. They are funding enterprises that utilize blockchain technology and support more women-owned businesses. Over 50% of their first company is owned by women! They wish to create new payment methods that facilitate fresh interactions between nearby establishments and enterprises. Women may be empowered by cryptocurrencies to pursue their own financial and economic goals.