Legend Rifles

Scour the market as we have and you’ll find a wide array of rifles that are available at a variety of different price points. Today, however, we’re here to talk about the CVA Cascade 350 Legend rifle – a weapon that we think offers crazy good value.

This is a rifle made by Bergara – a company known for its muzzle-loading weapons. However, the 350 Legend represents a break from this, as it’s a bolt-loading option. 

Awesome Pricepoint

The first thing that hits you when you see the CVA Cascade 350 Legend is that it’s a great-looking rifle. It’s one that, dare we say it, looks like it costs much more than the sub-$600 price point it sits at. Available in either a ‘Flat Dark Earth’ or cool camo finish, it has the feel of something from much higher on the cost spectrum. 

Super Accurate…With the Right Ammo 

In terms of accuracy, we tried the rifle with the full range of cartridges and got some good and some not-so-good groupings up to around 4.5 inches. That said, once we started using Federal Premium 185 grain rounds, that came right down to ½ groupings. 

So, what you can take from this is that the round you use matters a lot. We’ve done the testing for you, however, so just make sure you get the right ammo, as it will transform the results. 

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Other Things We Love About the CVA Cascade 350 Legend 

There are some lovely little touches that this rifle offers that increase the enjoyment a person has when using it. Let’s take a look at a few of those now…

  • 70-degree bolt throw that just feels nice
  • 3-lug bolt design means that it locks up robustly – it’s a bit sticky out of the box, but after a short time it frees up for a smooth action. 
  • Reliable feeding 
  • Nice, traditional stock design
  • Free-floating barrel with a solid carbon-fibre/polymer stock
  • Crisp trigger action with a weight of around 2lbs 9 ounces right out of the box 
  • Butt spacer to reduce pull 

It’s worth reiterating the last point of reliable feeding, as this is something that the Cascade does really, really well. Fit the heavy-duty polymer mag to the bottom and fire away. Again, really nice and not what you’d expect from a weapon that costs so little. 

Any Negatives to Report?

In the interests of balance, it’s only fair to mention what we didn’t like so much about this rifle. In all honesty, there were only a couple of minor points that we could see and we were being super-critical. Firstly, there’s a significant crook under the butt, which can get in the way sometimes. 

Also, we found that the small screw to adjust the trigger just fell out into the box without us doing anything – so it could easily get lost. We screwed it in tight once we noticed, but after looking online, a few people mentioned the same issue, so watch out for it. 

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The CVA Cascade 350 Legend – A Great Weapon to Consider

So, as you might be able to tell, we love this rifle – for all the many reasons mentioned and for a few that we haven’t yet spoken about. 

We’d recommend considering it, as it might fit the bill and save you a few hundred dollars into the bargain. Reliable, accurate and hugely cost-effective, there’s a love to love about this popular firearm. 


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