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A lawyer is a profession that is often held in esteem. The practice of law is seen as a noble pursuit worthy of praise and adoration.

With the ever-increasing cost of education, it is not uncommon for students to seek law school scholarships in an attempt to defer the cost. In this article, we’ll discuss scholarships offered by organizations such as Lawyers of Distinction as one of the best ways to pay for law school. 

Types of law scholarships:-

1. Government Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to full-time law students based on their academic performance in the intermediate examination held once a semester (semester), grades “excellent,” “excellent and good,” and “good”;

The scholarship is awarded for one semester or one semester based on the following results of the interim attestations evaluation. The assignment of the state scholarship is formalized by order of the Deputy Director of the Academy.

A student receiving a state academic scholarship must meet the following conditions

  • absence of a grade of “satisfactory” by the results of intermediate attestation;
  • Lack of academic debts.

2. Material Support For Students

Material support for law students is carried out in the form of one-time financial assistance.

Students in these categories can apply for one-time financial assistance (hereinafter – material assistance):

When determining the recipients of material assistance, an individual approach is required considering a specific difficult life situation in which the student is, with participation in the specified procedure of the advice of the students of the Academy.

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The basis for assigning a student to the above appropriate categories is a document issued under the established procedure. Additional factors in deciding the issue of providing material assistance to students are successes and achievements in studies, scientific work, social usefulness. 

3. Personal Scholarships

The competition for personal scholarships is held annually. Law students of the Academy who study full-time at the expense of budgetary allocations from the federal budget, who have shown themselves in certain activities, except persons completing their studies in the current academic year, can participate in the competition.

What Percentages Of Law Students Receive Scholarships?

  • Most law schools are more affordable, judging by their debt at the time of graduation.
  • A possible explanation for the debt reduction is the availability of scholarships and financial aid.
  • An astounding number of law schools are offering substantial scholarships to their students.
  • As the number of schools offering scholarships increases, the number of students receiving them also increases significantly.
  • About 70% of law students receive scholarships and financial aid from their schools.

Are There Fully Funded Law Scholarships?

Answer: Yes, there are fully funded scholarships like lawyers of distinction for law students.

  • Many law students enter law school and leave with huge tuition debts.
  • Most institutions offer scholarships and financial aid to their law students to help reduce this large debt.
  • These fully-funded scholarships cover tuition, living expenses, books, and many other academic expenses.
  • These scholarships significantly reduce the cost of law school. 


While many factors contribute to reducing law school debt, the use of scholarships can drastically reduce the financial burden accrued by the student.

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