Laundry Room

Your home is the place that you love, but when you look at your utility area or laundry room, you often feel defeated and deflated. The once neat and tidy space has turned into a dumping ground. Full of piles of clothes, soccer cleats, coats, and possibly school backpacks too. Reclaiming your utility area and laundry room is important. If you do not get on top of this space, you may find the chaos and disorganization then move on to other areas of your home. Remodeling and organizing your utility area and laundry room will give you back that control you need within your busy family home.

Focus on Getting Organized

To get started, you have to get the whole area organized. You have to have a place for everything, and everything has to have a place. If you do not get the space organized, you will then find that in a few months’ time, your lovely new remodeled space once again turns into a dumping ground. To get organized, you need to focus on storage that is fit for purpose. For example, you need a shoe storage area that can be kept tidy and clean. You also need storage baskets to hold all of your cleaning products. You may even want to have an area for laundry storage.

Focus on Functionality

When you are remodeling your utility area, you must focus on functionality (above anything else). Yes, you want the area to look beautiful, and you want it to look like it has been plucked off a social media site, but in reality, does this matter? Having a functional space that works for you and your family is more important than how it looks (in terms of the decor). Within functionality, you will want to focus on your appliances and on making sure that they are conveniently placed. Keeping your washing and laundry items all in one place and close to a sink is going to prove beneficial.

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Use Registered Contractors and Tradespeople

Remodeling your utility area and laundry room is not a job that you want to undertake all by yourself, simply because it can be a bigger job than you imagine – especially if you are removing and reciting appliances. Getting registered and trusted tradespeople and contractors on board is what you should be focusing on. To find these trusted people, you need to focus on looking through reviews. Finding and utilizing reviews for contractors by using Angie’s List plumbers is always going to be a good place to start. Not going for reviewed and reputable contractors could be detrimental to the success f your remodel project.

Get Budget Ready

No matter how big your utility space is, you are going to need funds in place to carry out the necessary works. Getting a budget together and knowing how much you want to spend (and can afford to spend) is crucial. If you do not have a budget to work from, you may well find that you end up spending much more than you initially wanted to.


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