How to Improve your Apple Watch Battery Life

You simply need to change an Apple watch band to change the style and looks of the watch. Using an Apple Watch tempered glass can protect your watch’s display from scratches and other damages. What about the battery? Apple watch offers great features and therefore, requires more battery power. When you make the best use of the watch, you have to charge it every day. Whether yours is series 3 or series 5, you can enjoy the available features when the battery is in good shape. So, in this article, we will share some tips to improve Apple Watch’s battery life. Once you fully charge the battery, it can work for 18 hours. However, this depends on how you are using it. 

Check Apple Watch’s Battery Life  

If you are a new Apple Watch user, you may not know how to check battery life. The following are the different ways you can check the watch’s battery life: 

a). You can see the battery percentage in the control panel. 

b). You can also add a battery complication. 

c). iPhone allows you to add a battery widget. This displays the battery percentage of the paired watch. 

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d). Hit the green charging icon on the watch’s display when it is charging in Nightstand Mode. 

Here are some tips for improving Apple Watch’s battery life: 

1. Turn down the color 

The watch using more vibrant colors require more battery life. An Apple Watch allows you to customize watch faces. You can use a black-and-gray watch face that requires less battery power.   

2. Reduce Motion 

The watchOS offers plenty of fancy graphical tricks that draw more battery life. If you don’t need any transparency effects or neat melding animation to the home screen, you can go to the Watch app and the Accessibility menu to turn both off. 

3. Disable Wake on Wrist Raise 

Apple Watch Series 5 uses a gyroscope and accelerometer to turn on the display when you raise your wrist. However, the watch activates display whenever you raise your wrist. Take the following steps to disable this feature: 

  • Settings > General > Wake Screen > Toggle off “Wake Screen on Wrist Raise”  

4. Turn the Heart Rate Monitor Off

Disable the heart rate monitor, if you don’t want your Apple Watch to monitor your heart rate. The heart sensor requires a significant amount of battery power. Take the following steps to disable heart rate monitoring: 

  • Watch app > Privacy > Motion & Fitness 

5. Unlock with iPhone 

When you set up your watch, you can turn on Unlock with the iPhone feature. With this feature, when you unlock your iPhone, this unlocks the Apple Watch as well. You don’t need to unlock the watch.   

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6. Customize iPhone Mirroring

It is good to mirror Mail, Message, and other core iPhone apps. However, you cannot save battery with that. You don’t need both the iPhone and the watch to ring. You can save battery by customizing mirroring. 

7. Activity Reminders 

When you sit for 50 minutes in an hour, the Activity app reminds you to stand. It updates you on the progress every four hours. You can save battery by turning off this feature. 

8. Workout Power Saving Mode 

The Workout Power Saving Mode saves battery while working out. You can turn this mode on in the General section. This feature will disable the heart rate sensor when you are running, exercising, or walking. 

9. Turn off Siri 

The Apple watch expects “Hey Siri” whenever the display is on. Just give an instruction and the watch will execute it. You can go to the Settings app on the watch and then the General section and then Siri to disable this feature. 

While you are trying to improve the battery of your Apple Watch, don’t forget to use an Apple watch tempered glass to protect the screen.

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