Furnishing a New Apartment on a Budget

By the time you get to the point of signing a lease and pinpointing a move-in date, you might already be exhausted. Picking up and moving to a new address is hard work. So, when you’re ready to move but you have an entire apartment to furnish, you might feel like you’ll never reach the finish line. In actuality, between online shopping, discounts, and even furniture assembly services, fully furnishing a new apartment can be cheap and simple. Just be willing to commit to the task for a few weeks, and always keep your eyes open for current discounts.

Get the Basics Together First 

In any living space, there are certain pieces of furniture that are necessary for basic functions. To rest well, you’ll need a bed. In your bedroom itself, you’ll also have a need for somewhere to store your clothing and personal effects. Once you move into your new apartment, you will also need furniture to sit on, a space to eat, and maybe an area to unwind and entertain. Choose which basic furnishings you absolutely cannot live without, then start picking out items that match your style and stay within your budget. If you can, have your basic furnishings paid for and delivered around the time you are to move or even pick them up in advance.

Check for Sales and Discounts

Whether you require a new dining room table and oak dining chairs set or a new mattress for your apartment, all furniture can be found at a discount. Furniture is sold by traditional furniture stores, as well as department stores, discount outlets, and even big-box retailers. Use a Kohls coupon to get a deal on new furnishings for your home, and have your order delivered directly to you. Remember that coupons can often be used in conjunction with store-wide sales, so you can get brand new furniture at a very attractive discount.

Focus on DIY Solutions 

New home furnishings and accessories are not only beautiful, functional, and modern, but they can also be very expensive. After you have chosen all of the basic, functional furniture you’ll be needing for your new apartment, you can have a little fun and start-up some DIY projects. Consider laying down inexpensive carpet tiles in your living room and all other high-traffic areas. Make your own throw pillows, sew your own blinds and drapes, and create your own wall art. Look at various home interior blogs, websites, and magazines for inspirations, then head down to the craft store and create the perfect look for your new living space. You might be decorating your apartment on a budget, but it doesn’t have to look like a collection of a mish-mash.


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If you choose each piece of furniture prudently, you can actually furnish the entire apartment and stay under budget. Only functional furnishings will be needed immediately, and everything else can be slowly acquired until your space is complete. Add in accessories and embellishments to make your new apartment feel more alive and represent you. Soon enough, your new apartment will transform into your new beginning.