scar treatment

Scars can be a painful reminder of a traumatic event and make you feel less confident. Here we will discuss several ways to reduce scar appearance.

Red light therapy for wound healing, medicated gels or creams, zinc supplements, silicone creams, injections, chemical peels, micro-needling, coconut oil, and aloe vera are some of the efficient ways to get rid of scar marks.

Red Light Therapy

One of the red light therapy benefits include an efficient and fast way to reduce scar appearance. This therapy starts healing at cellular levels to repair damaged cells and replicate healthy cell growth.

Additionally, red light wavelengths encourage collagen and elastin protein production in the skin. These proteins are essential for keeping the skin firm and reducing scar marks significantly. 

The healing and repairing ability of red light therapy kicks off as soon as the user is administered this therapy. Therefore, they can easily reduce the scar mark appearance and enjoy a healthy life.

Medicated Gels or Creams

Several OTC gels of creams can be very helpful in reducing scar appearance. In most cases, the scarred area loses moisture, and the dead cells in that place make the scar visible. 

Medicated gels keep the moisture in the sacred area intact and help in rapid healing. Therefore, you can get rid of scars faster.

If the scar is sensitive or itchy, antihistamine creams can help stop the itchiness. Also, for better results, find corticosteroids cream to lighten the scars effectively.

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Zinc Supplements

Zinc supplements help in reducing inflammation and generating cell growth. These supplements contain zinc minerals that strengthen the white blood cells to help wound healing. 

However, these supplements have several side effects. One may suffer from stomach bloating to diarrhea due to zinc overdose. Also, oral zinc supplements can leave a metallic aftertaste in the mouth that can bother you.

Silicone Gels

Most scarring occurs when the cells of the affected area die and get dried. Silicone gel can be a great solution to this problem. 

The perk of silicone gel is, that it can be spread quickly, prevent bacteria growth, and doesn’t irritate even sensitive skin. Additionally, it keeps skin moisture intact while letting the area breathe. It helps in softening the skin and reduces scars’ color, height, and texture. 

You will need to allow your skin to fully dry before putting clothes on your scar to get the benefits. 


Different types of injections can help you reduce scar marks. In these injections, different solvents, proteins, and helpful chemicals are used to reduce scar appearance.

For example, botox injections can smoothen skin, and reduce wrinkles and scar marks. To reduce acne scars, different filler injections like collagen or fat can be used to even out indents and bumps on the skin.

To even out skins, corticosteroid shots can be very effective. However, steroids can cause skin thinning and skin discoloration.

Chemical Peels

In the chemical peeling method, the upper layer of the skin is peeled to reduce scar marks. Different chemicals are used to target different layers of skin in this method.

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When the top layer of skin is used, deeper scars are brought to the surface for effective healing. Additionally, skin peeling helps your skin replicate healthy growth and makes the skin look younger.

However, skin peeling will make you experience redness on your skin and may take a few weeks to heal. If it is not used under the close supervision of a professional, it can cause adverse side effects.


Micro-needling can be very effective in improving skin texture and healing scars. This procedure helps the skin to produce collagen protein as well to help the skin look radiant and youthful.

A roller with tiny needles is used to poke tiny holes in the top layer of the skin. After four to six micro-needling sessions, you will see significant improvement in reducing scars. However, you may experience redness on the skin for a few days after each micro-needling session.

Coconut Oils and Aloe Vera

Coconut oil has proven beneficial in moisturizing skin and healing wounds faster. The fatty acid in coconut oil encourages cell growth and guards against bacteria. When scars shrink, it gets dry and becomes vulnerable to bacteria attacks. All the properties of coconut oil help battle those symptoms and encourage healthy healing.

Additionally, aloe vera is actively used to fight skin problems like sunburn and psoriasis. Research has proven that aloe vera has scar healing properties, and people have been using it for centuries. When aloe vera gel is applied to scars, the tissues feel tighter and get healed faster. Also, it is completely natural and has no adverse side effects.

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Bottom Line

In the light of the above discussion, we are partial to using red light therapy for reducing scar marks. It is natural, efficient, fast, and has no adverse side effects. Additionally, you can get additional health benefits along with lightening your scars.

You can take any of the above-mentioned methods to treat skin and lighten scars. However, make sure to ask a professional before to ensure the treatment option is viable for your skin.


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