How to Expand Your Small Business Internationally

When you own a small business, one of the most exciting developments you can start to plan for is growing your business overseas. The opportunity to reach a whole new market and increase the potential for growth is something many business owners hope to achieve. It is obviously a huge task to take a business and promote it in different locations but many people have managed to do it. Here are a few ideas about how to start the process of expanding your business internationally.

Create a Solid Home Base

The first major step in expanding your business internationally is to focus on strengthening its presence at home. There is very little point in trying to expand if you are struggling to generate interest at your starting point. This may be different if you have a service or product that might have a better-matched target audience overseas, in which case it might be worthwhile moving the business to a more suitable country rather than trying to develop multiple locations at such an early stage.

Research Overseas Markets

An essential part of developing an international brand is to gather as much information about your potential target markets as possible. Fortunately, the digital age has made it so much easier for businesses to find out about their overseas markets and their possible competition before ever setting foot in the country. Services such as can help you and your business prepare for expanding into international markets.

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Consider Franchising

If you like the idea of having an internationally known business but don’t think you could spare the time to oversee the expansion in detail, you could consider licensing your brand for other business owners to expand the name for you. This means making sure you can trust the franchisees and their handling of your brand image as this will determine whether or not your business continues to enjoy a good reputation.

Investigate International Competition

Home competition is difficult enough to deal with and so you must be prepared to do your research when it comes to potential competition in the countries you plan to expand to. This means gathering detailed information about their tactics and histories, their market position and reputation. Perhaps you have chosen to expand because you’ve seen an opportunity to move into a space with less competition. On the other hand, your new location or locations may have many competitors waiting for you. To prepare for this challenge, make sure to strengthen your brand and refine your product as much as possible.

Avoid Neglecting Your Original Location

Although the excitement of growing your business internationally can absorb much of your time and attention, it is important not to forget that your original location should still be nurtured. Unless you have decided to completely move your entire operation to other countries, the market that led you to success in the first place can continue to be a source of success and growth for years to come.

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