Roulette Demystified

One of the world’s most popular games, Roulette can often be found to be a casino title that can often leave people feeling mystified at times. Its premise and the rules are very simple, but it is still one that can leave some confusion.

There are many ways in which it can be played, which has helped to build its popularity with players worldwide. Various hidden rules and strategies exist that can enhance the gameplay that is being enjoyed, while other resources can also be used, such as payout charts. These can help to identify the house edge that exists, which may not always be understood by those who play.

By understanding this aspect of the game, individuals who test their skills at the table may be able to maximize their betting strategies, thus allowing them to position themselves better to take on the wheel!

Understanding roulette rules is important to house edge

Before being able to understand house edge and how it works, it is important to have a solid knowledge of how the game of roulette works. We all know that it involves a wheel and numbered pockets. We also know that these correspond to the numbers that can be found on the table (racetrack) and is where we place our bets.

However, depending on the type of roulette that is played, an additional pocket may be found. European Roulette features 0-36, thus providing 37 pockets. American Roulette goes one step further, as we find there is a ‘00’ available. This means there are a total of 38 pockets, thus increasing the number of outcomes, which can then have an impact on the house’s edge.

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Different types of bets can be made when playing roulette which feature different odds. These can include betting on a straight number, or they can involve placing a wager on things like whether it will be red/black or odd/even.

Once the bets have been made and time is up, the dealer will spin the wheel, drop the ball, and wait for it to fall in a pocket before calling the outcome. Players who successfully predict the winning outcome will be rewarded. 

How are bets paid out in roulette?

To further help demystify the confusion around roulette’s house edge, it can be beneficial to understand the payout ratios that are available in the game. When playing at a real money casino, players should notice that each variant will have its payout chart and will provide them with information of what a winning outcome can provide if correctly predicted.

The most rewarding of these is the straight-up bet that was alluded to earlier. As it is the most difficult bet to successfully predict, it typically carries a payout of 35:1. Outside bets are often the most popular with players, as these can help to maximize the winning potential. They will often cover 18 numbers as they involve colored or number options. However, as they cover a range of different outcomes, they will usually only pay at a 1:1 ratio. This does mean winning bets are doubled, as you will receive the stake plus its value back.

How does this all translate to house edge?

The house edge is the advantage that the casino has. It is a percentage of the profit that is obtained when played, with the casino often winning in some way or another. With roulette, the house edge that is offered can depend on the type of bet that is made.

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European roulette features a house edge of just 2.7% as it has just one zero. This number is colored green, thus providing the casino with an outcome. American roulette features two green pockets – because of the two zeros – thus bumping its advantage to 5.26%. Bets aside from those considered outside wagers (colors/odds/evens, etc.) will also carry a greater house edge as the casino is more likely to win than the player, hence why they also offer a higher payout ratio.

Use the knowledge to enhance roulette gameplay

With an understanding of how each of these key facets of the game works, it can help an individual to be able to maximize their roulette gameplay experience. While there is no guarantee of any win being made, certain bets can be made with more informed decisions than before as players have a better knowledge of what the house’s edge is and what they could potentially walk away with!


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