Dress in the Business World

In business, you want to present yourself as an upward climbing professional. Whether you are working in a legal office ready for your next case, or in a financial business helping your clients understand and earnings calendar, how you look says it all. 

Your Appearance Is Everything

Believe it or not, the way you dress can make a huge impact on those in your close inner circle at work. When you go to work, you should always dress your best in order to maintain a good, long-lasting, positive impression upon the minds of your coworkers and superiors. If you work in the business world, you should dress business casual or business formal, depending upon the requirements at your workplace. Here are four ways to dress for success in order to further your career advancement: wear a tie, always wear the button-up shirt, iron your clothes, and wear Earth tones and blues.

#4: Wear a Tie

There is a huge difference between wearing a formal shirt without a tie and a formal button-up shirt with a tie. A tie makes a wonderful statement in terms of professionalism. When you add a tie to your already professional button-up shirt, you make it clear to the people at your work that you are looking to achieve. You just may see your name at the top of the list with this statement-making fashion piece.

A tie is also a way to flaunt your own personal style. You can get a solid color tie or you can get a tie with a pattern on it. You can choose a tie with a pattern that is intricate, showcasing your fashion know-how. Wearing a tie lets your boss know that you are serious about work and you are looking to climb up the corporate ladder. Flaunt this fashion piece with pride.

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#3: Always Wear the Button-Up

If you are looking to make advancements in your position at work, you will want to wear a formal business button-up shirt every single day. Whether you are looking for a raise, you are looking for a promotion, or you are just looking to earn the approval of your superiors, a button-up shirt is an effective route to improve your reputation at work. The details matter with this fashion piece.

You want to make sure that you either get cufflinks or you button the buttons on the ends of your sleeves. The details matter when it comes to your button-up shirt, so make sure you take care in dressing in the morning. Button-up shirts come in a variety of styles, but you should always wear one that can be ironed for removing wrinkles and staying fresh.

You should wear a button-up shirt that is made of 100% cotton or of a cotton blend. This will make it so that you can iron your shirt easily in order to eliminate wrinkles. Button-up shirts will also stay stiffer if they are made of cotton or a cotton blend, so make sure you purchase that type.

#2: Iron Your Clothes

It makes such a difference when you iron your clothing in the morning. Your professionalism in appearance goes up at least ten points when you iron your clothes before work. You should make sure that you purchase clothes that can be ironed. This means that your button-up shirt and your slacks should not be made of too high of a concentration of polyester or other meltable types of materials.

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You want to focus on cotton or cotton blends so that you can iron them without melting the material. Climbing the corporate ladder is easy as pie when you take this approach of ironing your clothing on a regular basis. This means you will be able to go to work wrinkle-free every day with just a little bit of effort prior to your workday.

#1: Earth Tones and Blues

There are a few types of colors that are proven to exude associations with professionalism and ambition. You will want to wear Earth tones, such as brown, tan, olive green, or grays. Blues are also a color known to be associated with professionalism. The mood that these colors create is one of calm and stability.

Whether people realize it or not, when they see the color of your clothing in Earth tones or blues, they will think of reliability and tranquility. These are wonderful associations and they will help you to advance in your workplace endeavors.

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