Flu is never a big deal right? If you ask me, Yes it is. Although for a few days, it makes your life miserable. Runny nose, stuffed throat, heavy head, and a tired body, nothing about this apparently harmless disease is easy. We are yet to reach the worst part. THERE IS NO INSTANT CURE. Yes, no medicine or remedy can make your flu go away in an hour, it will take its time and leave you free once it is satisfied with what it did to you. Well, there is some good news too. The symptoms of flu can be lessened drastically by following a few tips, the most important of which is to consult the best general physician


Flu is caused by the “influenza Virus”, which attacks the respiratory system- the nose, throat, and lungs. You will be surprised to know that the flu can cause death too. But in most cases, it cures on its own. You need not worry about your flu unless you are above the age of 65 years, or below 6 months, pregnant, or have a very weak immune system. 

 How To Cure Flu Fast?

 Although there is no immediate cure for flu, you can follow the following tips to lessen the severity and duration of your flu symptoms.

1. Rest, Rest, and Rest

 Your mothers’ age-old advice is actually scientifically proven to help in lessening the symptoms of flu. So now is the time to take a day or two off of work and rest as much as you can. When you rest and stop all other activities, your body uses all its resources in fighting the virus. 

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 This rest day should include plenty of sleep too, as sleep can improve your flu. Sleep gives your body the focus and time to strengthen your immune system. During sleep, your body produces key proteins in your brain. These proteins are specialized in increasing your immunity. 

2. Take Plenty Of Fluids

 Juices, broth, and water all can improve the symptoms of your flu. One major symptom of flu is the stuffing of the nose and throat. Taking more and more fluids will help turn the thick mucus in your respiratory system into a thin one, which can be passed out through cough and spit. 

 If the thick mucus keeps building up in your lungs, it can lead to an infection. 

3. Take Ginger 

 Ginger has been used as a medicine for ages, but now we have loads of scientific research to prove all its curative properties and health benefits. According to a study, just one gram of ginger can help alleviate nausea and related symptoms. 

 You can chew a piece of ginger if you can bear the spicy taste of it. Or simply throw a few slices of raw ginger root in boiling water and enjoy your ginger tea. This will help soothe your cough and sore throat. 

4. Take Vitamin C

 You must be of the belief that eating oranges will cause a sore throat, but in reality, it does the opposite. Vitamin C in oranges, lemon, raspberries, kale, or any supplement can prevent flu and lower the symptoms of flu. Vitamin C can relieve your upper respiratory tract infections and is vital for overall immunity. 

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 Make sure to take it warm. Obviously, you can not warm up your oranges but you can make a tea out of lemons. Or you can simply take a vitamin C supplement or eat your fruits at a normal temperature. 

5. Use The Vapor Rub

 the smell of Vicks takes me back to my childhood where my mother used to wrestle me to the bed to apply some Vicks. Now I do it on my own with all my will for two reasons 1. I love the smell and 2. the soothing feeling it provides. 

 According to a 2010 study, using Vapor Rub or other traditional balms even once, show positive results on the symptoms of flu. Just a few applications before bed can open your nasal cavities and lessen congestion. Vapor Rub can also improve your sleep, which is essential in reducing the symptoms of flu. 

6. Use A Humidifier

 The Influenza virus thrives in a dry environment. To prevent it from growing stronger, provide it with a humid environment. This can be done best by using a room humidifier or simply taking steam. It can open up your nose making it easier to breathe and sleep. Also, you can add any essential oil like peppermint or eucalyptus, or meth crystal in your water. These things can also reduce congestion and other symptoms of flu. 

7. Take The Meds

 No home remedy can provide results as fast medications prescribed by the best general practitioners can. All home remedies and tips can help in fastening the healing process. Taking proper medications can help you manage your cough, your pains, and cold.

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 Flu is often harmless but that is not the case always. Your flu can be severe and may require medical attention. For this, you will need to consult the best general practitioner in Karachi through Marham.pk.



 Make sure to rest a lot, drink plenty of water, take your meds and love yourself!


BIO: Hiba Batool; a nutritionist and medical writer at Marham.pk. 

Originally posted 2021-05-25 23:38:02.

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