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With the stress of moving and planning an exciting new chapter in your life, it’s understandable that you may not have given much thought to the logistics of getting your stuff from point A to point B. It’s important to think ahead and plan for any potential complications. 

One of the biggest challenges with moving away from home is having to trust someone else with your most prized possessions. It is imperative to choose a company you can trust in a location suitable for you. 

What to look for in a removal company

Start by asking friends and family for recommendations. If you don’t know anyone who has recently moved, you can also use online reviews to help narrow down your options. Make sure that you’re reading reviews from recent customers, not the company itself. 

How much does it cost to move?

One of the first questions people ask when planning a move is “How much does it cost to move?” Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because every move is different. Factors like distance, timing and the size of your shipment will all affect how much your move will cost. The best way to get a rough idea is to start by breaking down the items you want to move. If you’re planning to rent a moving truck, you can plug in the weight of each shipment to get an estimate based on the size of your truck. 

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When should you book your removal company?

If you’re planning a long-distance move, you may be tempted to book your removal company as soon as you’ve found a suitable option. After all, you want to make sure you get a spot on their busy schedule. In general, the closer you book your removal company, the cheaper your move will be, but booking too far in advance can lead to a lot of frustration if something comes up and you need to cancel your booking.

Pros and cons of using a professional mover

Every professional mover will tell you that they’re the best option for moving your things and that you should never attempt to move them yourself. But are they really worth the extra expense? Depending on the specific circumstances of your move, yes. 

If you’re moving locally, you may be able to save money by moving everything yourself, but do you really want the back-breaking hassle? If you’re moving long distances, it’s often cheaper to hire a removal company. 

If you require removals in Bishops Stortford, or anywhere else in the UK, then hiring a professional removal company, such as Kings Removal gives you peace of mind that your belongings will arrive at your new home in the same condition they left.

Self-service moving options

If you’re planning a long-distance or cross-country move, you may be tempted to use a self-service moving company like U-Haul to transport your things. While this can be tempting, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re responsible for securing, packing, and transporting your own things. 

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This can be a big undertaking, especially if you’re moving across the country. With a moving company, at least you have someone to call if something goes wrong.

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