How do you decorate a room with balloons

When most people think of parties, they immediately envision cakes, balloons, and a large crowd with great amounts of fun. A party, be it a birthday party or an anniversary party, is a time to celebrate with close family and friends.

Nowadays, themes for decorations have become an essential and significant part of every party. Thereby making party planners and decorators in cities like Pune and Mumbai bring out their best work for every party.

Balloon decoration in Pune has become very popular, and party planners are constantly coming up with incredible decoration plans and ideas for children and adults alike. Balloon decoration in Pune seems to be used across time and for all ages.

One can throw an amazing, perfect party at home by creating a simple birthday decoration with balloons! Balloons are the life of the crowd! Not only do they add color to any party, but they also bring the community together as everyone loves balloons, be it popping them, blowing them, or making toys with them.

Balloon decoration themes have always been enjoyable and straightforward. The vibrant, colorful, and playful balloons are perfect for every celebration and occasion.

Numerous other decoration pieces such as ribbons, confetti, danglers, laces, and poppers are available in the market when used with balloons, creating a fun and entertaining party. Continue reading to learn about a few super simple party decoration ideas using balloons.

1. Garland of balloons

It is the most frequently used method for decorating a home with balloons for a party. It can be done by simply taking a thread and typing it around the balloons after inflating them from one end to another. It will create the appearance of a garland.

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It can be used to decorate doors or can be tied across the length of a space. One or multiple colors and hues or shades can be used. And multiple-color balloons can leave an impression.

What one will need: Balloons in a variety of colors, hues, shades and shapes, inflator, and tread to tie balloons after inflating them.

How to do it: Blow/Inflate the balloons. One should make sure that they match and pair with complementing shades and hues together and tie them, and make a string of balloons to hand them on a wall or decorate the doorframe or any other place in the room.

2. Arch made of balloons

The inflated balloons are to be strewn together to form an arch. This balloon arch can be used to decorate areas like the entrance, or a photo booth, or any area on the party site that is to be highlighted.

Additionally, a spotlight cast over this area consisting of the arch can have a dramatic impact. The color scheme can be customized to suit the theme. What one would need: Balloons in different sizes (small, medium, and large), as well as thread.

How to do it: Inflate/blow the balloons up manually or by using an air pump. Upon completion, secure the balloons tightly by tying them together and form them into an arch. This form of decorating is most effective, especially when decorating the party venue’s entrance.

3. Candy-filled balloons

It is the most common way to decorate a party with balloons. It is especially true when the party consists of many children. One can fill a giant balloon with candies and chocolates of different flavors and types.

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Following that, it must be placed directly on top of the center table or the center of the venue after inflating and securing it. After cutting the cake or making the announcement, one can puncture the balloon, which will release the candies. It is the most enjoyable activity for adults and children alike.

What one would need: balloons, candies, and tread, all of the different sizes

How to do it:

  1. Put candy in each balloon until halfway and blow it up.
  2. String the balloons together using a thread or a ribbon and suspend them above the central area.
  3. Burst the bubble once the cake is cut or an announcement is made!

5. Balloon fence

It is a unique and awe-inspiring way to decorate a party with balloons. One may select a single color or multiple shades or hues based on their choice.

What one would need: balloons, double-sided tape

How to do it: stick the balloons to the wall after inflating them. They can be attached using double-sided tape either sequentially or in a pattern of one’s choice. A fully covered wall will look amazing. Additionally, this decoration will double as a makeshift picture booth for everyone while adding to the party decor.


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