Home Hacks- 5 Tips to Organize Your Bedroom

Sometimes your bedroom can get really messy really easily – this might be because you don’t have enough storage space for all your stuff, and it could also be because you’re just a messy person. In any case, you’ll need to get around tidying your place up sooner or later, so why not start now? 

Organizing your bedroom comes down to a couple of things. You need to have a place for everything, and you need to stop hanging on to the things you haven’t needed in a while. Keep reading for more tips about how to organize your bedroom. 

1. Take Advantage of the Extra Floor Space Under the Bed 

There’s wisdom in sweeping things under the bed when you don’t feel like dealing with them, but maybe it can be done in a better way. 

Instead of using a bed frame that’s close to the floor, get a bed frame that leaves a lot of room under it. Don’t worry, a high bed doesn’t mean you’ll be falling off the floor often. Most times when you face this issue, your mattress is lacking in edge support. In that case, replace your mattress and don’t hesitate to get that extra storage space under your bed. You can read more about edge support in mattresses in this Real Simple article

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Now, you can either buy a bed frame with built-in storage, or you can get some cardboard boxes and organize things in them, then keep those under your bed. 

2. Have a Spot for Everything 

There shouldn’t be anything in your room that’s just lying around and doesn’t have a spot. For example, keep all your books on a shelf, make sure you have a laundry basket or laundry hamper in the room somewhere, don’t have all your jewelry lying around in a drawer where it can get all tangled up, and maybe keep a basket with all your makeup supplies in it. 

Have a Spot for Everything

This is also a great way to figure out if you just have more stuff than you have room for. In that case, you need to declutter. 

3. Keep a Trash Can in the Room 

This might seem like a small thing, but having a trash can in the room can really help make sure there aren’t scraps of paper or empty food cartons lying on the floor or on the bed. 

Make sure the trash can is placed close to the bed or your desk, and empty it regularly. An overflowing trash can is not a good look for your room. 

4. Keep Dirty Clothes Behind the Door 

A laundry basket, too, isn’t the best look for your bedroom, and sometimes there just isn’t any room for the laundry basket. 

An easy solution would be to hang a clothes hamper behind your door. This way all your dirty clothes stay off the floor and they’re hidden from anyone’s view too. The only person who’ll have to look at them is you and your roommate if you have one, and we think that’s acceptable. 

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5. Declutter but Don’t go Overboard 

Most times, the first step to organizing your bedroom is to declutter your wardrobe and all of your belongings. This may have you giving away old t-shirts and a lot of other stuff, but you need to make sure you don’t throw away too much. 

Your paintings and the tabletop decorations may not be functional, but they do make your room more beautiful, and they’re worth keeping around.


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