Flawless Skin with Compact Powder for Indian Complexion

Compact powder is a simple product makeup staple for many. Compact powder not only gives you an even skin tone, but it also works as a makeup setting tool. Compact powder is a product that has been around for a very long time. But this is one product that has evolved over the years. Compact powder is becoming a multi-tasker and becoming more and more complex. The new additions are HD powders, tinted powders, finishing, etc. Thus, it makes the act of buying the suitable compact powder a little confusing. People’s primary dilemma while buying is which compact is best for their complexion.

What is Compact Powder?

Compact powder is a makeup powder used to fix the foundation, concealers, or base makeup. You can also use them on bare faces to get even skin. Using powders can give you a mattifying look while making your skin glow. Powders can be used on the top of your liquid or cream foundation and help them set in. It ensures that the foundation does not melt, making fine lines and pores visible.

Similarly, you may skip foundation and use compact as the base after moisturisation. Follow it up by applying blush, contour, or bronzer. You can also use them directly on your foundation but applying them atop the powder will make them last longer.

Difference Between Pressed Powder and Loose Powder

Pressed powders and loose powders are pretty similar but not the same. People generally use press powders to set liquid foundations/concealers, making your makeup last longer and not bleed or melt away. Pressed powder can also replace foundation and can work as base makeup. Press powders are highly suitable for dry skin types. Loose powders are more appropriate for oily and combination skin types as these skin types secrete more oil than dry skin. Loose powder is better for contouring and defining your features. Loose powders work over the foundation base and can’t be a substitute for foundation. 

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On the other hand, you can use loose powders to set the base makeup, but this is generally known as the baking method. You can use loose powders for oily skin types. That is because they are more powdery and help control the oil production throughout the day. Additionally, loose powders can define the contour lines and give your face a more chiselled look. These can also give you a heavy makeup look if used with press powder. 

How To choose the Perfect Compact Powder

These are some tips that you should keep in mind while buying a compact powder.

  • The first thing to check is the undertones in the product. Choose a product that has a matching undertone to your skin.
  • If you have lighter skin, then try opting for a pink undertone. If you have a darker skin colour than the other, try using either yellow or olive undertones.
  • Always choose the tone that matches your skin tone. For example, selecting a lighter shade may leave your skin looking ashy.
  • If you are unsure about your skin tone, a translucent powder will also work fine as it can be used for all skin tones and provide the proper coverage.
  • Choose products that provide more coverage and feel light on the skin.
  • Choose the ingredients according to your skin type. Then, make sure to check that list carefully before buying any product.

How to apply Compact Powder Correctly

The way you apply your powder also affects the overall look hugely. With proper powder application, your makeup can look perfect and incorrect application can ruin the whole look. Here are some tips to make your compact powder application easier.

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You can apply powder with either a sponge or a brush.

  • Suppose you are comfortable using a sponge; dab gently. Do not press too hard. And do not rub the sponge on your skin, as it may leave your makeup looking patchy.
  • While applying with a brush, make sure not to take too much product on the brush.
  • Before taking makeup on the brush, gently tap out the excess powder and apply it to your foundation.
  • Try avoiding the brushes that come with the powder as they tend to be low quality and are often rough on your skin.
  • Use a soft and fluffy brush for applying the products to your face.

These were some of the points that will help you find the suitable compact powder that fits you well. Also, check out the right blush makeup products that can make makeup applications seamless.


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