Wireless Headphone

Anker (electronics) SoundCore Life P3 true wireless is the next generation of Anker SoundCore Life P2 True Wireless. They fit more comfortably than before and come with new features such as Active Sound Cancel (ANC) and compliance with the Anker Soundcore app. Using the app, you can switch between “ANC,” “Ambient,” and “Normal” modes, and you can set the ANC to “Indoor,” “Outdoor,” or “Transport” mode. They have a built-in audio profile with rich bass, and you can use the in-app image scanner and preset settings to help customize their sound.


Anker Life P3 is nice, light, and cordless. They have a similar design as the Anker SoundCore Life P2 true wireless but are made of shiny plastic rather than matte. There is a small Anker logo on their touch controls. You could also select from several color options depending on your preference. It is the best headphone for all users, and you can buy them online stores. 


Anker Life P3 is free. Deep earbuds like Anker SoundCore Life P2 are excellent true wireless. It is lightweight and comes with a wide range of ear tips to help you get the best fit.


These headphones have friendly touch controls that are very easy to use. To avoid accidental touching when changing buds, a single touch does not register any commands that appear in the box. Controls feel responsive, and there are bets as commands are written. You can even turn off the beeps in the Anker Soundcore app. However, the rules are a bit difficult to use at first. Also, there is no way to turn it off unless you have a lawsuit. Alternatively, you can rearrange the controls in the corresponding application to better suit your needs.

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In the left ear:

Double-tap: skip to the next song.

In the right ear:

Double-tap: play and pause the sound.

On any headphones:

Double-tap: answer call. It answers a second incoming call when you are in a call and hangs up.

Press and hold for two seconds: Switch between audio cancel and normal mode. When you are in a call, hang up or reject the call, and switch between the call itself and another call.

Mono Mode:

Double-tap: play and pause the sound. He also answers the phone.

Press and hold for two seconds: End or reject the call. It also works with Siri or another voice assistant.

Anker Life P3 is entirely breathable. Like most headphones inside the ears, they do not retain heat inside the ear. You should not notice any temperature differences while wearing them, so they are worn while exercising.


Like most wireless headphones, they are incredibly versatile. They can easily fit into your pocket because of their slim and lightweight design. A carry-on bag helps protect them from travel and quickly penetrates the bag.


Anker Life P3 is great for walking and hiking. With the cancellation of dynamic adjustable sound, they can block the thunder of heavy buses rumbling bus and plane engines, and loud noises similar to the conversations of other passengers. They have the luxury of having long days on the road, and their portable design fits easily in your pockets.