Everywhere in Australia, one sees electric scooters where adults zoom in and out of heavy or standstill traffic. This common scenario on the road simply shows that these mobile transport devices are increasing in demand mainly because of their proven convenience, affordability, and eco-friendliness, among other undeniable benefits.

If you are still indecisive about whether or not to buy an electric scooter, this article lists down frequently asked questions about electric scooters and the direct answers to each. Review the response to each of those queries before you decide to buy an electric scooter,  online or in retail stores. 


What is an electric scooter? An electric scooter is a personal electric mobility device that weighs 12.5 kg and uses an electric scooter motor and runs a max speed of 32 kph. Mearth S electric scooter is the lightest among the Mearth models. Unlike a manual kick scooter, an e-scooter operates when a rider presses the throttle. The throttle sends a signal to the battery to release power to the motor. The motor then produces energy to move the e-scooter forward. 

  1. Are electric scooters safe? Adult electric scooters for sale offer a safe way to travel. Today, most e-scooters are equipped with efficient and safe braking systems, thanks to advancements in technology. One’s hedge is learning to ride an e-scooter properly to avoid accidents and injuries. Mearth RS has a quad braking system to help ensure your safety.
  2. How much do foldable electric scooters cost?  For those starting out, Mearth S electric scooters are top quality and only cost $699. In addition, the Mearth S Pro series at $899. is ideal for commuter and city riding. There are also long-range electric scooters for the experienced rider – Mearth RS and RS Pro series that cost between  $1,299  To $1,499.  only.  Meanwhile, high-performance, off-road Mearth GTS and GTS Max electric scooters for skilled riders who are adventure and thrill-seekers would cost between $1,899. to over $2,599.
  3. What are the factors to look for when buying an electric scooter? To get the most from your electric scooter, check the specs and features like range, battery capacity, portability, safety, and lastly, the price of your electric scooter. Very good reviews about Mearth’s quality electric scooters highlight these important factors: range, motor, power– so it’s good value for money, the complete features that include the correct specs for its category, and definitely, the warranty.  
  4. Are electric scooters legal in Australia?  Most states and territories in Australia allow compact electric scooters on private and public property, with the exception of Queensland and the ACT, where commuters are allowed to ride on private roads. The rest of the states allow the approved shared e-scooter platform to be used in public. There are some states that allow private e-scooters in public only if they meet specified requirements.
  5. Can electric scooters go uphill? Mearth GTS and GTS Max electric scooters for adults can ride uphill, on uneven, rough terrain, and on steeper slopes up to 30 percent. Ask to conduct an electric scooter test drive uphill to get the feel of the power of Mearth GTS and GTS Max e-scooter models as they trek hills, off-road, and more. The long-range RS and RS Pro’s ride incline has a 25 percent hill grade, and that’s cool.  
  6. Where can I park my electric scooter?  There are bike racks and designated e-scooter parking spots in the city. Just avoid parking the e-scooter on private property, at bus stops, doorways, emergency exits, and pathways.
  7. Can I push an electric scooter manually like a kick scooter? Mearth lightweight electric scooters for adults allow riders to push them when they run out of battery. If they drain the battery, they can use it as a kick scooter until they reach their destination. The rider is not required to fold and carry it. It is also advisable that you get a spare battery as backup, in case the battery in use drains, to avoid the hassle of being delayed or unable to reach your destination. 
  8. What is the speed limit for electric scooters? The general allowable speed limit in Australia is 25 kph. However, the top speed in Western Australia, Victoria, and parts of Queensland is 10 kph. Remember to avoid going over or near the allowable speed limit so as not to incur a penalty or fine.
  9. Are electric scooters allowed on footpaths? There are states in Australia, in particular,  the ACT, Queensland, Northern Territory, Victoria, and Tasmania, that allow riders to ride on footpaths. New South Wales, South Australia, and Western Australia residents are allowed to ride on designated lanes, paths, and areas for e-scooters.  Check your city’s e-scooter laws to ensure which areas allow e-scooters.
  10. Can I Ride an Electric Scooter in the Rain? Even if Mearth electric scooters are water-resistant, it is not recommended to ride them when it is raining. Your road safety is the top concern. Besides, an e-scooter can be damaged when ridden in wet conditions, regardless of its specs or IP rating. Read the Mearth guide on riding an e-scooter in wet conditions and how to prevent your e-scooter from getting wet.
  11. Where do I get spare parts and service for my electric scooter? In case your electric scooter gets damaged, get in touch with Mearth’s repair partners or retailers so they can help you.  For Mearth customers, you may request for repair via our contact email [email protected].
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The rule of thumb for riding an electric scooter is easy to remember. Ride it properly, don’t go beyond its limits, just follow the specs, and your Mearth lightweight electric scooter will be in tip-top shape.


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