Best bicycle lights

(This bicycle flashlight will help you to choose the best riding flashlight to enlighten your tail with bright illumination gadgets)

Bicycle and bike flashlights are the critical safety gear for every biker or rider. Riders face difficulties every day while riding at night over a road or a trail or else struggling for being seen in the traffic during the sunlight. Every rider needs a bicycle flashlight, taillight, or bicycle wheel flashlight to be seen in the traffic. Statistics reveal that more than 50 percent of accidents occur only due to low light or dark conditions.

Choosing the perfect bicycle light will be easy if you follow these major features-

Suitable Lumens & Beam patterns

The lumens decide the brightness of the flashlight also depend upon the beam patterns. If you are riding over a lit street or path post-sunset track then 100-300 lumens will be enough for a bicycle flashlight. But if you are a mountain rider, then 1000 lumens will be a suitable choice to illuminate your surroundings. To ride over a dark pitch, more than 1000 lumens will be perfect for you.

100 lumen Tail lights will give enough lighting for the other vehicles to identify your presence.

A wide variety of best bicycle lights, tail lights, and wheel lights are the perfect fit for all kinds of riders. Olight high lumen flashlights have anti-glare lenses and reflectors so the light doesn’t intrude on the other person.

Battery backup

A long battery backup is needed when you are on a long ride daily basis. The latest technology flashlights have a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged using the USB cable attached to a power bank or any other power source. Olight bicycle/ bike flashlights are available with a quick charging system including the c-type charging mount.

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Mount matrics

A perfect non-slippery fit flashlight will give you a comfortable ride except one that is just shaking crossing each hurdle. Olight flashlights have a convenient Garmin mount with adjustable straps that can be mounted on any handlebar or helmet line. Also, being tested and proved as a shock-resistant gear for any kind of ride.


Best bicycle lights are equipped with the latest technology that supports the different lighting modes and battery level indicator that will indicate with the green light from 20-100% battery level, and 10-20% with red light, also 0-10% battery level will be indicated with the red flash dipping on every 3 seconds. The smart indicators will never let you fight alone in the dark in the rain, smoke, smog, and chilly temperature.

Olight tactical flashlights are equipped with a strong engineered tech-crafted lightweight body and different smart features according to your requirement. The compact tactical flashlights and police tactical flashlights, headlamps, bike/ bicycle flashlights, search/ hunt lights are available with the rechargeable battery support and the thermal management system. All the Olight tactical flashlights are waterproof up to 30 minutes within the good price value.

Olight Store provides different offers and warranty on its products including the new customer beneficiaries.

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