Butterfly Tattoo Designs with Meanings

Butterflies are unique flying insects. They are special because they are born in a different form, a small ugly worm, and transform into a cute flying insect. There are many species of butterflies, and they appear in different colors and various wing structures. These beautiful insects have inspired artists and especially when it comes to tattoos. Butterfly tattoo designs are some of the most sought-after tattoo ideas by women and men alike.

Butterfly tattoos are common and are mostly preferred by women. Some people like their butterflies small, while others get them fully drawn on the back or arm. This tattoo idea is used to signify a change in life. Just like the butterfly-life is about change, so are humans. You can get the tattoo to show that your phase is over, or you are beginning a new chapter. Check out some butterfly tattoo ideas to try.

1. The Eye-Catching Butterfly

Butterflies are of different colors, and you can also get a multicolored butterfly for a tattoo. It is very eye-catching and attractive. Choose different patterns of circles, dots, and lines. You can also choose the colors but ensure they match. The tattoo can be used to symbolize celebrating life and you can get it in a medium size.

2. Artistic Butterfly

Most people ink this tattoo on their back, and it is mainly worn by girls. The artist does some artsy work on the butterfly. They can include antennae-like structures on the wings or draw the wings in a different design. You can use it to symbolize your love for music. The best places to draw the tattoo are on the back and shoulders.

3. Small Butterfly

If you are looking for a minimalist tattoo, this tattoo design is for you. The small butterfly tattoo is not for teenagers as many people think but also for adults. It has a different pattern and is drawn using black color to show the dark side of the butterfly. According to Glaminati, you can draw it on the lower belly or lower back. A small butterfly tattoo design resembles boldness. Women who draw it are bold and proud of their bodies.

4. Lower Back Butterfly

This butterfly tattoo is for girls, and it is stunning on them. It is drawn on the lower back, and the girls can show it off by wearing crop tops and a short T-shirt. If you have toned abs, this is the perfect butterfly tattoo idea for you. It is used to symbolize boldness and beauty.

5. The Skull Butterfly

Most people did not like the skull in the past because it symbolized danger. However, most people have learned the other skull meanings and are embracing the art. If you like the skull and a butterfly, why not combine the two images and ink them on your wrist? The tattoo can mean that even beautiful things have an end. Has it drawn in black?

6. Celtic Butterfly Tattoo

You will love a Celtic butterfly tattoo once the artist finishes drawing it. The tattoo is attractive, beautiful, and distinct and can be worn by both men and women. Do not pair it with anything else because it looks good alone. The tattoo is used to symbolize after-life, transformation, and creation.

7. Butterfly On The Palm Tattoo

Palm butterflies are not for everyone, especially the people who fancy small tattoos. The butterfly is drawn using different colors to look extra attractive. It can be drawn to symbolize transformation in life.

8. Cute Flying Butterfly With Legs

Butterflies are primarily drawn without legs, but the butterfly in the flying butterfly is colorful, vibrant, and has legs. You can have the tattoo in sky blue color and have it drawn on your hands. Use it to symbolize your youthfulness and to show that you will never let go of the child inside you.

9. Wild Butterflies

This tattoo design features many butterflies with deep and rich colors to show the beauty of butterflies. They are primarily drawn on girls, and most ink them on the back and the shoulders. This tattoo shows that you love to have your loved ones around you. The butterfly also indicates freedom and joy when interacting with the people you hold dear.


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