Hide Your IP Address With iTop VPN

IP address stands for “Internet Protocol” address. An IP address is regarded as a unique public ID or address and uses identifiers of a device on the local network or on the internet, which allows information and data to be sent and retrieved between the devices on the internet. Each and every time you use the internet or surf different sites you are exposing your IP address. This means that you are exposing your identity so that snoopers, businesses, government agencies, and hackers can access your browsing activities, data, and your identity. That’s why if you want to hide your IP address or don’t want to expose your identity then you should have to look for a free and best VPN for Windows and for this iTOP VPN should be your first choice.

How Does an iTop VPN Hide Your IP Address?

Hiding your IP address means that you can successfully or efficiently hide your real IP address with another IP address and you totally surf the internet as an anonymous online user. Whenever you surf on the internet through your public internet connection (by your computer or laptop), it provides you with the public IP address, which is not protected and secured from snoopers, businesses, government agencies, and hackers that’s why they can access your browsing activities, data, and your identity. So at this time, you would find a need for the best and free VPN for Windows, so when you use the best, free and secure iTop VPN for Windows, then it will connect you to the internet with one of its powerful servers. Then at that time, you will surf the internet by using the IP address of its connected VPN instead of using your own IP address, so at that time your all browsing activities, personal data, and your identity will completely be protected while surfing online. Due to this, all internet traffic travels through the virtual and secure tunnel, that’s why you can access or surf the websites which you could not usually access by using your own IP address.

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How Can I Hide IP Address By iTop VPN?

To hide your IP address on iTop VPN you should follow the following steps:

Step 1: Sign up or if you have an iTop VPN account then log in to your iTOP VPN account.

Step 2: To connect any of its server locations just do one click.

Step 3: Stay protected and anonymous by successfully hiding your actual IP address.

With the iTop VPN it is the best way to hide your IP address and moreover with this free VPN you can: 

Stay anonymous as long as you want.

Connect any device to any of the server locations worldwide.

By using iTop VPN it becomes impossible for anyone whether it would be snoopers, businesses, government agencies, and hackers.

Features of Hiding your IP Address by iTop VPN for WINDOWS:

The following are the features you get after successfully hiding your IP address with the iTop VPN for Windows:

1. Hide Location:

When you use iTop VPN then you will not use your own IP address for surfing on the website but you use the shared IP address which makes you anonymous and make it impossible to find out your actual physical location.

2. Protect Identity:

Your personal information like your browsing activities and your identity becomes private whenever you are connected with the iTop VPN, moreover by using this free VPN you are completely protected from online threats or malware

3. iTop VPN Offers Online Anonymity:

When you connect iTop VPN servers, then all your data will appear to come from the powerful servers of iTop VPN, not from your computer. Your Ip address would be replaced with one of the iTop VPN servers, which can be shared by many other users too. Snoopers, businesses, government agencies, and hackers can never trace or access your browsing activities or identity. This means that iTop offers you the best anonymity.

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4. Unrestrict the Restricted Social Media Sites:

There various countries in the world where social media sites are restricted or blocked, so for getting access to those social media sites iTop VPN should be your choice, fastest VPN will not only give you free access to these social media sites, but along with that, it would also give you full privacy of your identity and browsing activities.

5. Network solution:

ITop VPN provides your three modes so that you can choose an appropriate mode according to what you want to surf on the internet.

6. No log policy:

You don’t need to worry that anyone from our team would see or record what you surf on the internet. ITop VPN promises its users never to sell, track or store your data.

7. Comparing iTop VPN with other VPN

When you compare iTop VPN with other VPNs then you will find that those VPN gives you access to the blocked websites. However, those low-rated VPNs don’t hide your IP address which makes snoopers, businesses, government agencies, and hackers access your browsing activities, data, and your identity. 

So get rid of those low-rated VPNs and install iTop VPN, which hides your IP address, and along with this, it also protects your browsing activities, personal data, and identity so that it becomes impossible for anyone to access them.

8. Unlock Region-locked games:

By the iTop VPN, you can freely play or unlock those region-locked games on iPad or iPhone. You’ll enjoy secure, fast online games without experiencing any type of issues regarding blocking or locking of the online games

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9. Gives Public Wi-Fi protection:

When using public Wi-Fi from restaurants, coffee, malls, airports, shops, hotel rooms, you are totally exposed to snoopers, businesses, government agencies, and hackers so that they can access your browsing activities, data, and your identity. While iTop VPN ensures and keeps your online activities 100% private and top public Wi-Fi protection to their users.

10. Kill switch:

To prevent your browsing activities or traffic from being exposed even if you ever happen to encounter any connection issues.

11. Global connection:

It’s just one click away to connect your device to the network of the servers of iTop VPN, which covers almost every country in the world.

12. Attachment of devices:

iTop VPN allows its users to attach or connect up to five devices with it and don’t think that by connecting 5 devices with iTop VPN your speed will slow down, NEVER! By connecting 5 devices with iTop VPN there would not be any effect on its speed, and it will still give you lightning speed.


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