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You have undoubtedly heard of online pharmacies before, but unless you have really gotten into the online shopping and online lifestyle in the wake of this obnoxious pandemic, you may have just conflated these to be the same thing as the online portals that your local pharmacy chains use. Yes, American pharmacy chains do have an online shopping concept, poorly implemented and half-completed in most cases, and some of them are now starting to deliver medications only out of necessity due to the pandemic. Are you tired of seeing the word pandemic? I’m certainly tired of writing it at this point!

However, this pandemic is another reason to consider a safe online pharmacy as your source of medications. And, considering most of these pharmacies are based across the Canadian border, you may intrinsically be a little nervous about them. Allow me to explain why an online Canadian pharmacy is indeed a safe online pharmacy, and allow me to lay out the various benefits in dealing with these.

First, let’s talk about safety concerns. Any business selling products to the United States have to meet the United States safety and FDA approval criteria just like any business within the United States. We have an open trade agreement with Canada, that doesn’t mean we don’t regulate the trade for safety purposes with the same level of scrutiny we do within our own shores. Also, Canada actually has stricter safety regulations than the United States as well as greater regulations on businesses as a whole. Canada would not allow a pharmacy to sell unsafe things to their own citizens or citizens of their neighbor to the south. Canada is an awesome, polite and culturally-rich country, you have no reason to fear any business working in that country under normal circumstances.

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Next, let’s discuss the fact that Canada has a distinctly different healthcare system than the United States, and this is why a safe online pharmacy based out of Canada can save you so much more money. Canada has a somewhat universal healthcare system where shelf prices are artificially low, the expense is offset by taxes. Both political parties in the United States agree that something like this should be implemented here, it is just taking a lot longer due to how much more demographically diverse the United States is and how stubborn the sovereignty of individual states can be. Anyhow, given you aren’t paying taxes in Canada, you can actually get those artificially low-shelf prices as your literal prices, not considering a handful of minor customs fees and import taxes.

Finally, when you shop with a safe online pharmacy, you are bypassing all of the absurd overhead costs of a brick-and-mortar location. Just imagine how much money you can save when you deal with a business that doesn’t have to pay rent for hundreds of individual store locations, all of the maintenance, upkeep and utilities for them, the thousands of sales associates and many more other factors!

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