Whether you are a student, a small business owner, or someone who’s rocking the corporate life, it is no doubt that online document management is a must. Having a system in place makes it easier for you and your team to collaborate and share files. And with the right tools, it will keep the team from being unproductive. One powerful online suite that everyone should know is Gogopdf. With over 26 tools, this website specializes in editing, creating, and scanning PDF files for free. Here are some tools that you shouldn’t miss out on if you want to manage your files efficiently. 

1 PDF to PDF/A

If you’ve been working with online files for many years, then you probably have a lot of files in storage. With technology constantly evolving, it is important to preserve your files and data. This can be done by converting PDF to PDFA. Luckily, Gogopdf specializes in this with its up-to-date software converter. With its PDF to PDFA tool, the server will create an ISO-standardized version of your file by removing its outdated features. This is the best tool for archiving. With minimal effort, you should be able to secure your files in minutes. 

2 e-Sign PDF

Need a tool where you and your colleagues? Gogopdf’s e-Sign tool is accessible using any device. This feature doesn’t only let you place your signatures with its personalized signature generator, it also has a signature tracker. This feature keeps you updated on the status of your file that you sent out to other people. To be exact on how it works, once you send out the file, you and the receiver of the PDF will receive a confirmation email from Gogopdf. Once everyone is done signing the file, the server will automatically send the final document available for download. 

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3 Compress PDF

The rule of thumb when it comes to online file sizes is the smaller, the better. If you need to send a file via email, there is usually a file limit. Furthermore, it is also easier to share and load your files when you use other messaging platforms. So before you send or upload those PDF files, you can use the Compress PDF tool to further reduce its file sizes. Gogopdf’s compressor offers a hassle-free way of reducing the file size of your PDFs, without affecting their quality. Furthermore, the layout of your PDF will remain the same. 

4 Add Watermark

In the age where you can access information in seconds, it is just as easy for other people to claim ownership over your files. That is why it is a must to add a security feature to protect your intellectual property. One thing that you can add to your file is a watermark. Gogopdf’s tool should be able to let you add an image or text watermark. In line with privacy, you can be assured that Gogopdf will remove your file from their server after one hour of processing it. So, you won’t have to worry whether other people will be able to hack into your file while using the tool since even Gogopdf will not save a copy of it.

5 Repair PDF

Do you currently have a file that is corrupted and couldn’t be accessed? Before anything else, you should check out the Repair PDF tool. There are times that tech will let us down, so you must be ready at all times. Luckily, this feature is compatible with any operating system. And on top of that, using this tool is easy! All you have to do is upload the file into the server, click repair, and the website will handle the rest. Gogopdf will extract all the data that it can save and will generate a new PDF file for you. 

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6 PDF to Word

Of course, this website has its own file converter features. One of the most famous is the PDF to Word converter. Before, it would take hours for you to manually retype your data from PDF into a new Microsoft file. But thanks to Gogopdf, this can be done in seconds with only a few clicks. Whenever you use this tool, the elements of your file will be preserved. This includes the fonts, images, colors, tables, and graphs. Another pro of using this tool is that you won’t have to download any software or install any extension to use the tool without any problems.

Check Out The Other Gogopdf Tools!

Mentioned above are not even half of the awesome tools that Gogopdf offers for free! With these tools in your arsenal, you’ll surely have a productive and stress-free workday. Save time and energy using the features of this cloud-based software, without spending a penny! Head on to Gogopdf, and don’t miss out on this powerful online suite!


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