7 Things Your PDF Can Do to Boost Your Productivity

We cannot stress enough how convenient converting your files to PDF is. Some of you may think that PDF files are only for preserving the format of your file. However, you can still actually use PDF files for a lot more things! Aside from being one of the most accessible file formats, PDF files have other hacks that you can try to boost your productivity. Especially today when our lifestyles and the world at large are in a fast lane, anything that can boost our productivity to catch up will be a lot of help. If you are curious about maximizing the use of your PDF files, you have come to the right place. Here are things that you can do with your PDF files to boost productivity!

1. Delete PDF pages

Some PDF files have these annoying blank pages at the end. Sometimes, there are just some pages that you want to remove, but could not. Those who have the original document, they just edit those pages out before converting it again to PDF. However, digital tools can delete PDF pages for us faster than when we go through the lengths of going back to the original, editable document. Just make sure that you will choose reliable and secure digital tools, so you are sure that your documents are in the right hands, like GogoPDF. GogoPDF is a reliable PDF editing tool that allows you to do lots of edits on your PDF file, like deleting some of its pages. With lots of malicious elements online, there is always the fear of being hacked. The good thing is that your privacy is also GogoPDF’s priority.

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2. Edit PDF

We might have already mentioned the inconvenient work of editing your PDF. Since PDF files cannot just be edited, some would go back to the format of the file before converting it to PDF and make their edits there. If we are talking about multiple files here, then we could not imagine how dragging that task could be. To boost your productivity, you can just use PDF tools like GogoPDF to edit the file. With tools like GogoPDF, all you had to do is upload your PDF file or drag it on the box. After that, you can now edit your file!

3. Protect PDF

Most of us choose to convert, for example, our word documents, to PDF. PDF files provide our documents with the utmost protection as it preserves the format of our files. As mentioned, it is also not that easy to edit it. This makes PDF files less prone to being forged. However, this only offers one level of security. If you want to make sure that your document is protected, you can still add a layer of security by protecting your PDF and sealing it with a password. The software programs you frequently use like Microsoft Office allow you to add protection to your documents. GogoPDF can also protect your PDF.

4. Merge or split PDF files

Not a few of us are strangers to awkwardly cut or awkwardly long PDF files. These kinds of PDF files can also be like an annoying itch you cannot reach for those who like their files neat and organized. You no longer need to tolerate these kinds of PDF files that will just make your life disorganized. You can merge PDF files that are scattered. Consolidating PDF files can be easier for you to store. On the other hand, you can also split PDF files, in case you want to properly divide the parts of your PDF file. These will just vary depending on how you want to organize your files. Check out GogoPDF to learn more about this service.

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5. View files via Kindle

Even traditional book lovers cannot deny the convenience of the rise of Kindle and other tablets that you can use for reading your books. Who cannot resist hundreds of books that can fit in a single sheet of metal? While Kindle and other reading tables require specific file formats for their Ebooks like Mobi or Epub, most of these devices can also read PDF files! You can upload your PDF documents and open them with your Kindle. This way, it will be easier for you to read your documents. Looking for books in PDF files is also way easier than looking for them in Epub or Mobi format.

6. Use the drawing tool

These are perfect for students and employees who need to scribble on their PDF documents for a more convenient and productive way of studying your documents. With the right tools, you can now use your PDF files and write or draw annotations, comments, and things that will help you remember certain points in the document.

7. Save PDF directly to Cloud

With conversations about productivity also comes the need to save your work and backup files. Especially with our fast-paced living, we would need to be ready and on the go always. This is why it will help you a lot to know that you can save your PDF directly so Cloud and keep your backup files secure there. With the right tools, you can save your files there and access them anytime, anywhere!

Explore PDF tools

Here are just some of the tips that can help you in boosting your productivity. Make sure that you choose secure PDF tools, like GogoPDF. They also offer a lot more services that will help you beat all those demanding tasks! So make sure to explore the website and use it to your advantage.

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