6 Secrets You Never Knew About Properties For Sale In Paphos

Have you fallen in love with Paphos Cyprus but want to avoid tourists and any property pitfalls? It’s easy to get carried away and think that everything is perfect when you first move somewhere. However, there are a few things you can watch out for, including discovering the more secret places. In fact when it comes to searching for property for sale in Paphos, make sure you work with a registered and reputable developer, such as this one. You’ll then be in the know straight away.

6 Secrets about Searching for Property for Sale in Paphos

When it comes to properties for sale in Paphos, here are 6 points you might not necessarily come across immediately in your search:

1- Secret Valley properties

Secret Valley near Kouklia village in Paphos District has a stunning golf course with some very prestigious properties also available. You can actually expect to have a choice of detached homes with various numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms when searching for properties for sale in Secret Valley. These start at the high end of a budget at around half a million euros and go up to much more. As secrets go, this is a budget-driven one.

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2- Cyprus Real Estate Agents Association (CREEA)

This isn’t so much a secret as just simply good sense that’s often forgotten when searching for properties for sale. When working with a property agent, make sure they are registered and certified with the CREEA. This helps avoid any issues further down the line. Also, it’s good practice to interview a few agents. That way, you can get a sense of their style and how that might work with your needs. Furthermore, make sure you either hire a property lawyer or that your agent has an in-house legal team. That was you can rest assured that you’ll get proper due diligence done, including verifying title deeds.

3- Location

Paphos is a beautiful part of the world with gorgeous beaches as well as mountains and forests. The scenery offers an extraordinary array of wildlife and nature, including birdlife and floral diversity. In fact, the North of Paphos District has the Akamas Peninsula national park where you can expect a rugged shoreline and crystal-blue bays. There’s also the hike through Avakas Gorge. This is all definitely far from the tourists and the more famous Coral Bay or the Sea Caves.

4- UNESCO heritage site with one of the best dive sites

Not everyone knows that searching for property for sale in Paphos District also means living on a UNESCO site. Although, most people are aware of the archaeological sites and the remains of the Aphrodite cult dotted around Kato Paphos town center. Moreover, it’s one of the best dive sites in the world with exceptional properties overlooking those sites.

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5- Apartment buildings more in demand

It’s a less well-known fact that apartment buildings are slightly more in demand because they’re often more affordable. Also, most apartment buildings have property management services which mean that there’s always someone to keep an eye on things if you’re ever away. Moreover, it’s worth pointing out that many properties are empty outside of the holidays, regardless of property type. This can be a pleasant break after the busier summer months. Don’t forget though that whilst apartments are in demand, you might therefore find some good deals on other properties.

6- Paphos is the best city to live in Cyprus – ranked for 7 years

Paphos was ranked as the best city in Cyprus for 7 years, according to Global Citizen Solutions. Not only is it a modern town with plenty of entertainment and a range of properties for sale at attractive prices. It’s also incredibly safe with amazing views and an idyllic lifestyle with a very favorable tax system. Don’t forget also that you don’t have to focus only on Paphos town when searching for properties for sale. This is because there is a large area around the town meaning that you can also explore all the surrounding villages. Names such as Tremithousa, Talla, Chloraka, Kissonerga, Peyia, and Universal are worth a look as well as the Aphrodite Hills. It then all comes down to preference and choice of lifestyle.

Final Words on Searching for Property for Sale in Paphos

Living in Paphos Cyprus is an incredible experience and you’ll soon discover your own secrets. Whether these are hikes on the peninsular or the more recluse luxurious properties in the Aphrodite Hills, there are many things to explore. Moreover, your property developer will know all the ins and outs of the current market and the places to be. So, don’t hold back, ask your questions and explore as much as you can. After all, a secret is even more exciting when we discover it all on our own.

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