Tips To Accelerate Your Career: Remote Employee Edition

In these uncertain times, employees have found themselves in a very unique situation. They are constantly battling thoughts about being laid off since businesses are trying to cut costs to stay afloat, along with trying to stay productive while working from home.

It’s not easy working in isolation, especially when there are so many restrictions on stepping out due to the COVID19 scare. With these roadblocks, it is obvious for remote employees to be concerned about their career development & growth.

Hopping from one job to another is not the ideal solution considering so many businesses have frozen their hiring processes. Instead, we recommend the following strategies for remote employees to accelerate their careers and get noticed.

1. Be committed to self-growth:

Successful individuals never stop working on themselves and keep learning new skills to thrive in the ever-changing times. This means taking advantage of company training programs to expand your knowledge and acquire new skills.

Delivered through popular tools like Cloud Academy and Absorb LMS, self-development is now a piece of cake. Instead of just learning what helps you in your current job, look at the bigger picture and start educating yourself with new technologies that can help you get better opportunities in the near future.

2. Learn to manage your time:

Most people like the flexibility that comes along with remote work but fail to utilize it to their benefit. This negatively affects their work performance and their chances of growing in their career. The key is to learn to manage your time well and get more done in less time.

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Work on your time management skills and start prioritizing activities that need your highest attention. Create a schedule that allows you to use your day optimally and maintain a good work-life balance. This will allow you to produce high-quality work and live a stress-free life.

3. Assess your strengths and weaknesses:

One of the best ways to enhance your position in your current job and stand out from the rest is to identify areas of improvement. This means learning about your strengths and your weaknesses by seeking feedback from your manager.

Regardless of the feedback being negative or positive, it gives valuable insight into what you can do to better yourself. When you show a willingness to accept constructive criticism and work on it to become better at your job, it automatically puts you in a position to get recognized for higher positions in the company.

4. Be a team player:

Although it may seem difficult to collaborate virtually with coworkers, there are sufficient apps available to help you stay connected. Make sure you build good connections with your team and help them in achieving their goals.

An employee who always exhibits a positive attitude and is willing to be there for their team members is more likely to be considered for a leadership role. Always keep your team members informed and be reliable in times of need.

5. Start proactive networking:

Most people do reactive networking, which means build connections when they need something. The better approach is to keep proactively networking with people so you develop connections organically and when you need help, you will have more than enough resources to reach out to.

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To do this, make yourself visible on the right platforms and put forward your learnings as a way of showing the knowledge you possess. Attend seminars in your industry and promote yourself in such situations to catch the right employer’s eye. 


A lot of people think they can only move ahead on the corporate ladder after they have completed a certain number of years in the industry. This is far from the truth as working smart can help you accelerate your career quicker than you think. Stay focused on your goals and use these tips to stay ahead of the curve.


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