Home Theatre

Do you also feel exhausted going to the movies after a hectic day at work? Do you also think that it takes a lot of time and energy to go to theatres? Well, you can set up a home theatre for yourself at home. It will be time-saving, pocket-friendly in the long term, and more convenient. 

Imagine yourself watching the upcoming avengers movie at your home and screaming at the top of your lungs in excitement. Imagine yourself not looking for tickets for the recently released Fast & Furious movie. Wouldn’t it be terrific?

But how many times do we get to hear that “my home theatre is not set as per my expectations.” It happens because of the minor mistakes that we make and these mistakes ruin our mood. Having a home theatre at home is a luxury & luxury takes effort. One should be precise about small things that could make a huge difference. So, here are 5 mistakes to avoid while setting up a home theatre:-

1. An Expensive Screen And  A Low Quality Audio System

The most common audio/ video mistake that people make is not balancing the audio-video quality. Buying an expensive screen can give you a great watching experience but having a low-quality audio system does not synchronize with it. So, there is no need of spending thousands of dollars on a screen and a few hundred on an audio system. An average screen and good quality audio system will make it even. Go for a high-quality projector instead of spending too much on other things.

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2. Inaccurate Screen Size

Just because theatres have huge screens, people make the mistake of setting up a big screen. The size of the screen should be according to the size of the room or the maximum seating capacity. The screen size should be perfect. If the room is big, you can go for a big screen. But if the room is not large enough, choose a smaller one. 

3. Light Coloured Walls And Ceilings

We must have noticed that theatres have dark coloured walls. There is a scientific reason behind it. Having a good amount of lighting becomes vital. LED high bay lights manufacturer like Vorlane makes your home theatre look grand. When a projector makes an image on the screen, the screen reflects some of it to the walls. 

Now, if the walls are light or white coloured, the image is reflected on the screen. In this case, the image formed on the screen will be blurred. In the case of black coloured walls, the image will not reflect to the screen. It will be absorbed right there. 

4. Putting The Screen Too High On Wall

There is no such standard for height when it comes to setting the screen. But people set the screen too high according to their sightlines. It can cause neck strain and spinal issues. The screen should be set at a fair distance and a certain height so that it does not harm your spine. 

When you come back from work and make a decision of watching something to release the stress, you will want to feel that while sitting in your cozy chair you can get from one of the armchair suppliers to save some money. 

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Wrong Audio Connections

After setting up good screens, lights, painting dark colors on walls, and accurate sightlines, people make mistakes while setting up the audio connections. Avoid using any AUX wire as it produces distortion in the sound. Go with an HDMI which is still the best. It produces high-quality sound. 

Another audio mistake that people make is choosing the wrong speaker wire. It is made according to a unit called gauge. Generally, we get to see these wires in 12/14/16 gauge wires. People choose the 16 gauge thinking that it will be powerful. But actually, the higher the number of wires, the smaller the diameter of the wire. So, a 12 gauge or a 14 gauge will be an ideal one. 

Colours become critical when you use lights in a dark room. Things should be perfectly placed. Packaging services with their high-quality eqipment like Levapack jar packing machine give security and elegance in their packing services so that everything looks well placed. 

Just like setting up the audio connections well enough that the surrounding sound is neither too loud nor too low, keeping these things in mind will not only make your watching experience special but will also give you an understanding of setting up a home theatre for rooms of different sizes. You can bring the theatre experience home & enjoy watching content whenever you want. You are not going to regret it. 

Yes, the whole setup could be a big-budget thing but you do not have to buy everything of premium quality. As they say, it is a one-time investment that will give lifetime returns. So, these were the 5 mistakes to avoid while setting up a home theatre.