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Business intelligence (BI) helps your business stay competitive, agile, and profitable. With the growth of your enterprise, it becomes a tad challenging to manage tons of data generated non-stop. However, without a proper tool to tap this data companies cannot make the best use of this fast generating data for making informed business decisions. 

Microsoft, the tech giant has, therefore, come up with its Power BI analytics tool. Here are the five key benefits of using Power BI:

Easily Embeddable 

Power BI biggest advantage is that it can be integrated into your existing system thus helping you get access to real-time reports. This data can be accessed with the help of interactive dashboards.  You can customize these dashboards and reports according to your business requirements and derive insights for precise decision making. 


Power BI is a feature-rich tool. The app is meant to build smart visualizations depending on your enterprise data, thus helping you to make strategic decisions. The tool can also be leveraged to create graphical data visualization that can be shared among employees for joint understanding and decision making. 

Best Accessibility 

Power BI can be used via remote applications on a range of web-based platforms such as iOS, Windows, and Android devices. The tool can also be incorporated with cloud application and sophisticated data services. The user-friendly graphical functions ensures that the learning curve for this tool is short. 

Quick Generation of Customized Reports

Power BI comes with a drag and drop feature and therefore, you can create customized reports very fast. Employees can drill down into the data to gain an enhanced understanding of aspects that require more critical evaluation. In other words the gamut of functionalities help to improve your employees capability for self-service. 

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Super Connectivity 

With Power BI, you have the support of different data sources, like financial data in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or sales data in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The application also helps you to access Azure Cloud, on-premise, as well as, third-party data sources. 

Final thoughts 

If you are looking for a cloud-based business intelligence application, Power BI services are the best not just because of its range of functionalities but also because it needs no capital spending or for that matter, infrastructure assistance. The implementation of this tool is hassle-free and quick just like any other Microsoft cloud-based service. 


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