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With the increase in financial scandals, many people are looking into securities laws to safeguard their financial investments. The 2001 Enron scandal was just the tip of the iceberg. 

In its aftermath, the illegal accumulation of almost one billion dollars in customer money was taken by MF Global. 

Various federal and state laws have been passed to ensure that publicly-traded organizations protect and enforce compliance among shareholders and investors. 

The significant damage that can take place from securities fraud or related crimes has led consumers to become more conscientious about securities law. 

As a result, seeking the advice of a securities attorney has been a popular consumer approach to handling financial investments.  

If you are preoccupied with safeguarding your investments or are recovering from losses stemming from another’s fraud, read on to learn five essential steps that a securities attorney can carry out to address your situation. 

What Is A Securities Attorney?

A securities lawyer is a kind of attorney that deals with investment planning and losses spanning from fraud and other wrongdoings. 

They are tasked with staying up to date on complex and frequently changing legalities that coincide with financial investments. 

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Qualified securities lawyers understand the different schemes under which securities fraud usually occurs, making them the go-to source for clients looking to get to the bottom of their investment fraud. 

With the explosion of digitalization and new technology, securities fraud now commonly takes place across social media and cryptocurrency platforms.

Understanding the processes involved with the digital subtypes of securities fraud is essential in resolving many cases of fraud today. 

1. Security Lawyers Provide Legal Information  

A securities attorney can take action to protect your investments in a variety of ways. 

If you are beginning to plan your investments, you can seek the advice of a securities lawyer to inform you of the best ways to research the previous financial background of the companies related to your investments. 

They can also notify you of any obligations that the associated broker owes you for your investments. A securities lawyer can also carry out this research for you if you desire. 

2. Security Lawyers Can Indicate Signs Of Fraud

Beyond planning your investments, a securities lawyer can also provide you with the most common signs of fraud so that you can oversee your investments. 

This way, you will know what to look out for before securities fraud occurs, giving you the ability to proactively protect your assets. 

3. Security Lawyers Address Claims And Losses 

A securities attorney can help you address the claims available following losses that are not the result of typical market forces. 

4. Security Lawyers Help With Company Compliance 

Additionally, a securities attorney can assist your company by ensuring that it complies with associated securities laws

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5. Security Lawyers Provide Legal Representation 

If you are dealing with litigations stemming from your investments, you can hire a securities attorney to represent you. 

There are arbitration clauses that may inhibit your ability to take legal action against your broker, which makes relying on a securities lawyer essential. 

By involving a securities attorney, you can understand the agreement you make with a broker before signing a contract with them.  

Security Lawyers Reveal Broker Obligations 

Outside of these areas, security lawyers provide additional benefits, including informing you of any duties owed to you by your broker. 

Security lawyers possess a detailed understanding of the common obligations and duties that brokers owe. Your lawyer can inform you of essential owed responsibilities by your broker. 

Some common duties brokers owe include:

  • letting you know whether a product is suitable 
  • disclosing everything there is to know about recommended investments
  • honoring fiduciary duty  

Here are some additional responsibilities of security attorneys that may align with your needs and interests: 

Handle Investment Losses With Legal Action

Hiring a securities attorney is a smart move if you suspect that wrongful action has been taken against you, but you are unsure of how to prove these instances. 

Your securities lawyer will be able to provide you with a list of common claims and losses that may apply to your situation. 

Securities lawyers can also advise you on the investor claims for atypical market forces, spanning from conflicts of interest to market manipulation. 

Address Companies And Consumers 

Securities lawyers can assist with public offerings as well as other kinds of acquisitions. 

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Additional areas of assistance include private sales, stock issuances, and law compliance. All these tasks assist corporate clients and work to serve consumers. 

Promote Stock Market Security 

Securities lawyers help to instill confidence within the U.S. stock market. 

By helping to ensure the security of investor information, they encourage transparency in national companies and keep profitability consistent.

Determine Viability Of Claims 

As a layperson, a securities attorney can help you unravel whether you have a legal claim to pursue. This process often requires a detailed review of documentation to discover whether claims are viable. 

An understanding of the fine print is a critical part of the job

If you are not accustomed to reviewing documentation, including contracts and other written agreements about your investments, hiring a securities attorney is the right move to make. 

Given that securities lawyers deal with settling cases and fines, they are significant assets to those directly involved with securities litigations. 

They can help you understand the details of your agreement and let you know whether or not you are in the right to pursue legal action. 

Represent Defendants In Court

If you are involved in a securities class action case, hiring the right securities attorney can positively influence the outcome of your case. 

A securities attorney is trained to represent defendants in court. They understand the demeanor that is required to stay convincing and articulate while representing a client. 

Speak With An Attorney Today

Whether you need to plan out your investments or recover from fraud-related losses, the right attorney can help you get the compensation and outcome that you deserve. 

Reach out to a qualified attorney today and get back what’s yours!


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