vegan breakfast ideas

The traditional American can be the toughest thing to leave behind when you go vegan. You might miss the bacon, sausage and eggs that used to fill your plate in the morning, but there are plenty of yummy vegan options to sub in! In this blog, we’ll go through four delicious breakfast ideas to keep your vegan diet and sate your morning hunger.

  1. Avocado Toast

If you’re new to veganism, you might not have heard of avocado toast yet. It’s one of the most popular vegan breakfast recipes because it features healthy fats, filling carbs and lots of extra vitamins and nutrients. Plus, you can dress it up however you like.

Use your favorite bread as the base of your toast. This might be whole wheat, sourdough or even nine-grain bread. Whatever you love to eat! Toast it up nice and crispy and then use mashed avocado as your “butter.” You can eat it just like that or add fixings like:

  • microgreens
  • cherry tomatoes
  •  nuts and seeds
  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is another vegan breakfast option that includes all the warm and cozy comforts you’re looking for on a cold morning. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to make. 

Just like with avocado toast, it’s easy to make oatmeal on your own. You can add plant-based milk to make it a little creamy and give a nice nutty flavor or MCT oil for a little healthy fat. If you like some sweetness in your breakfast, toss some raising, dates or brown sugar and cinnamon into your bowl. You could also toss in pecans or walnuts for some crunch.

  1. Vegetable Hash

Vegetable hash is how you can take normal morning hash browns to the next level. If you want to be extra healthy, you sub out white potatoes for sweet potatoes to get some extra nutrients. Cube or shred your potatoes and add them to a skillet on the stovetop with your favorite cooking oil.

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Now you get to choose all your favorite vegetables! Grab things like tomatoes, greens, cauliflower, an onion, garlic, edamame and whatever else you love. Toss it into the pan, season to taste and cook them all down so that everything has a nice crispy flavor.

  1. Pancakes

Don’t forget the old classics! Just because bacon is out doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some pancakes. There are plenty of egg substitutes and plant-based milk out there to help you make fluffy, delicious pancakes in the morning. 

Grab your flour, baking soda and other normal dry ingredients and mix them in a bowl. To replace the egg, think of things like a flax egg replacement, apple sauce or even yogurt. Anything that helps to thicken up your batter can be used in your pancake.

To make your pancakes taste truly unique, play with your seasoning. Add some cinnamon to pair with the maple syrup or a bit of clove and pureéd pumpkin for fall-themed pancakes.

You can have delicious vegan breakfasts with these out-of-the-box meal ideas.


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