Food and Drink Trends in 2023

Can you believe we are approaching the end of summer in 2022? For half of us, it does not bear thinking about, and for the other half, we are ready for what next year is going to bring already. New trends that break out of old patterns can be exciting, especially after the past few years we have had, so having something to look forward to might just get us through the cold winter months that are yet to come.

So, with that being said, this piece is going to take a look at some food and drink trends that are set to take place in 2023.

Let’s get into it!

More Vegan Options

Based on the trajectory of meat substitutes so far, vegan options will look to be flying through the roof. With fake meats becoming more and more undetectable against the real thing and technology advancing to creating vegan alternatives, there should be some excellent things to show for it next year. 

Along with the obvious worry about the farm industry and climate issues, plenty of people are looking to incorporate vegetarian or vegan dishes into their lifestyle, so expect there to be more choices on the menu! 

Fusion Cuisine

The food and drink industry is starting to see a shift in keeping cuisines in their own lanes. Mixing and matching to create fusion is seen much more in the industry’s future than it has been, with people wanting to mix and match different cultural elements with their favorite dishes. While fusion is nothing new, its popularity is said to increase next year, which will offer everyone some very exciting flavors to try and new flavors to choose from!

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Less Alcohol

Alcohol is becoming less and less appealing, especially to the younger generations. In fact, Gen Z is consuming less than other previous generations have been, and some of this boils down to finding the benefits of sobriety much sooner than others. For many, this is a welcome shift. No longer are the non-alcoholic drinkers of the world forced in the direction of a glass of cola. Still, many places that act like bars without intoxicants are popping up, giving people the option to have that extended social life without all of the issues that come with bars! You will also find people hiring interesting companies for events such as, over traditional bars, allowing people to try new, delicious fresh drinks that contain no alcohol. 

Social Media Recipe Inspiration

TikTok and Instagram saw thousands upon thousands of people try out various recipes over lockdown, from banana bread to whipped coffee. While lockdowns are now a pastime, gaining food and drink inspiration from the internet in this manner has only grown. It is safe to assume that this is the new way that people will gather information and ideas for their kitchens in the foreseeable future!

Trends will always come and go, but as far as predictions go for the next year – these are not looking bad!