3 Ways You Can Make Your Next Festival the Best it Can Be

After a long period of time where many plans were canceled thanks to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the ability to make plans and execute them is something you might be amazed at that you ever took for granted. One of these plans in particular that you might have made is one to attend a festival.

Festivals are special to many people, and they provide you with an opportunity to truly set yourself free from the confines of your regular life for a period of time. It’s a chance to relax with your friends and engage with music and activities that can make you feel as though you’re in a different world, one that’s tucked away. But how do you make the most of this opportunity?

Knowing Where to Go for the Essentials

People can see both positively and negatively about festivals because you’re stripped of so many conveniences or essentials that you might take for granted throughout your daily life. The most obvious examples among these are the ability to bathe and access drinking water. The former might be something that you can be happy to forego for a short while (despite what others may think about it), but the latter requires you to know where to go. 

Festival organizers must store drinking water at festivals, so perhaps on arrival, you and your friends should make an active effort to seek out where this tank might be so that you can mentally bookmark it and head back whenever you need to.

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Get Comfortable

If you’re staying for multiple days, it’s important that you ensure you’re sleeping in comfortable conditions for the sake of your bones. It can be tempting beforehand to go for the cheapest tent and mattress substitute possible, but tomorrow will roll around, and you won’t be thanking yourself for it then. Furthermore, investing in quality items now means that you can take trips to future festivals (or just camping traps) with the same reliable goods you already have, instead of having to top-up your cheap wares.

Beyond just problems with your back, if your conditions are so bad that you’re not sleeping well, you might find that you begin to feel your mental health affected.

The Best Group and Activities

If you’re there for a few days, it’s important that you go with the right group, as spending this much time with people in somewhat inconvenient conditions could lead you to butting heads with people who you’re not used to spending so much time with. In light of this, it might be best to construct a group of people who all get on really well and are comfortable just relaxing around each other.

Additionally, it might help things run smoothly if everyone is on the same page about the kinds of activities you’ll be participating in. Of course, this is a time to simply relax and do what you want, but you don’t want to be in an environment where you’re going to be judged for drinking alcohol throughout the trip, for example.

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