Reasons to Opt for Paving Stones for your Driveway

If you are looking to refresh your driveway or patio, it may be challenging to decide on the right paving option, especially for your outdoor spaces.

For a long time, concrete and asphalt were the most predominant choices when choosing the right paving material for driveways. However, paving stones are gaining popularity in recent times since they offer excellent options of color, design, textures, patterns, and overall appearance.

These interlocking paving pieces are sure to add an instant charm and appeal to your outdoor space to make it an interesting extension for your beautiful home.

Here are some excellent reasons to choose pavers over other materials:

1. Pavers are Hard-wearing and Long-lasting

The material is highly durable, capable of holding more weight than other paving materials. It allows the pressure from vehicle weight to get evenly distributed across multiple smaller surfaces.

Also, pavers are some of the most flexible building materials that respond to varying environmental pressure. They can withstand extreme weather conditions, including pelting rain, heavy snowfall, and even hailstones. Besides, pavers are not prone to cracking, unlike concrete and asphalt.

2. Quick and Easy to Install

Whether your driveway is big or small, paving stones take relatively lesser time to install. Compared to concrete and other paving materials, there is no curing period and significant waiting time after installation.

When you engage a reputable dealer, the quality material allows you to have a driveway that’s instantly ready to be used, once it is set.

3. Ease of Maintenance

Once laid, stone-paved driveways demand very little maintenance and upkeep over time. All you need to do is sweep and wash with water periodically to keep grime and dirt away from the stones.

While you won’t face cracking issues with pavers, you can easily clean any potential oil spills and rubber marks. And if you wish to hide any stains that leave unpleasant effects on them, you can flip them over.

4. Pavers are Easy to Repair and Replace

Pavers have almost no match in this category, as no other material comes close to their reparability level.

If your driveway pavers have some visible issues that need repair, you need not remove the entire driveway, unlike concrete and asphalt. Even if one or two stones get damaged, you can easily replace the patches in question, without any hassles.

5. They Present a Secure Driveway Surface

As there are no gaps between the stones, rain drains away more quickly than it does from a concrete surface, making pavers relatively more slip-resistant.

The permeable surface is safer, offering outstanding traction. It is resistant to de-icing agents’ damage, thereby eliminating the chances of skidding.

6. You Get Several Design Opportunities

Finding the perfect stone that works with your home’s exterior becomes an exciting affair, given the number of design options that pavers present.

You can explore through a wide range of colors and sizes to suit your design choice, or even mix and match to create unusual patterns that will stand apart. You can share your preferences with known dealers to find the right pieces for your creative driveway design.

7. Pavers are More Attractive

Thanks to their natural formation, the stone-based pavers are far more attractive than the bland concrete and other paving options.

They are one of the most flexible paving choices, giving you ample opportunities to customize your pathway that best suits your home’s layout. And when you pick the right patterns and tones from a reputed outlet, you can build a driveway with a personal touch and natural finish.

8. Pavers Offer Long Term Cost Benefits

As the installation takes very little time, you will pay less, as your hired labor force need not be on-site for long.

Though this is a short-term cost-benefit, even in the long run, with paving stones, you will incur lesser costs, be it material or repair charges. As they are durable, you won’t need constant repair and replacement, and even if there are, they will not significantly hurt your finances.

9. They are Eco-Friendly

Unlike asphalt or concrete, permeable paving stones enable water to submerge into the ground naturally. There’s no need to divert it to storm drains with this eco-friendly material.

It is no secret that your property’s exterior is just as important as the interiors when you estimate your overall asset value. It pays to have an aesthetically appealing driveway that can enhance your home’s value.

To achieve the desired appeal for your driveway, consult a paving stones specialist, and pick the most exquisite pieces to create a unique path and extension of your home. While you will have a material that stands up to all weather conditions, your driveway is sure to catch the attention of onlookers.

Originally posted 2021-01-06 22:04:04.