3 investment opportunities to consider in 2023

With bills rising, our daily budgets are getting tighter. We all want some extra breathing space and for some of us, we can achieve that by making smart investments.

In this guide, we’ll discuss three potential investment opportunities that you could look into for 2023. 

We’ll examine the growing cryptocurrency industry, exploring how it works and what opportunities there may be, as well as practical tips, like ways to keep up with ever-changing cryptocurrency prices.

We’ll also look at investing in gold – a staple of the investment world. And we’ll look at the exciting opportunities emerging from the renewables industry. 


Cryptocurrency has exploded in recent years. More people than ever are investing in the scores of coins out there, from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Dogecoin. 

It can be a volatile market and that’s why it pays to stay up to date and do your research. The price of Luna, for instance, can drop in what feels like a heartbeat, but those who follow the industry are better equipped to see these things coming.

Research can help you understand the best times to invest, too. There are peaks and troughs just like in any type of investment, but it’s all about knowing when you’re in that dip and when it’s the best time to buy. The Smooth Love price, for example, may be at an optimum level to buy, but without this knowledge, you may miss out on the opportunity. 

It’s also important to be aware of the wider market. There are scores of different coins and tokens you can invest in. Some have unique benefits to them, such as incorporating stronger encryption. Others don’t carry much value.

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It can be easy to be lured into buying lots of low-value coins, but industry professionals recommend starting with Bitcoin. It’s supported on every cryptocurrency exchange, which makes it easier to buy and sell. 


Gold is one of the oldest commodities to invest in and remains one of the most stable. As a rule, when things begin to turn sour in the world, such as during wars or pandemics, the price of gold increases. 

For example, in the years leading up to the financial crash in 2008, the price of gold in the US nearly tripled. It nearly doubled again between 2008 and 2012. This was all in response to the value of the dollar decreasing – people fell back on gold as they saw it as a safer investment. 

This is the reason why gold is so well-respected – it’s what people revert to when other types of currency no longer work. As a result, its value has expanded. And that value has remained largely stable over the years, spiking in times of crisis, as we’ve seen. 

Gold is also easy to invest in. Many investment websites and apps allow you to purchase gold as well as other commodities such as silver. So if you wanted to get started in 2023 with something simple and relatively stable, then gold might be worth exploring further.

Renewable technologies

The climate crisis is becoming worse and worse, and the need to halt it is more urgent than ever before. Companies are sprouting up all across the globe with incredibly clever initiatives to tackle climate change. 

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The Ocean Cleanup is one such project. The aim of this organization is to remove as much garbage from the rivers and oceans of the world as possible. Headed by Dutch wunderkind Boyan Slat, the Ocean Cleanup project has so far removed tons of rubbish from the world’s waters. 

It’s just one project in an entire industry that’s thriving with greater investment. Finding an alternative to gas and oil has become imperative – there’s no longer a choice in the matter. As a result, investors are seeing opportunities to fund this growing sector while helping the planet. 

There is a wide range of renewable technologies that you can invest in. Solar panels are forever advancing in their ability to convert light into energy. There are companies now with huge solar farms that supply electricity to scores of homes. 

Greater investment has been made in wind turbines, too. Off the coasts of many countries around the world are row upon row of wind turbines. These can also be found in remote parts of some countries. 

As time goes on and the need for clean energy grows, investment opportunities will only increase. Now could be the time to stake your claim before the market really does take off.