Are you searching for valuable methods to print out SMS messages from android? So, please don’t be worried about it. Several individuals have the same difficulty as you have. In this article, many easy methods will be discussed for SMS EasyReader&Printer.

Print Out SMS Text from Android with a Screenshot 

This method is a straightforward and easiest way for printing SMS messages from android. It doesn’t want any other tool or app or connects mobile phones with other devices. If you have Google Cloud Print, then you can directly print it out from your android phone.

 1. Observe the text SMS that you want to print. After that, capture a screenshot of the text messages on your android. If text messages more than one screen, then scrolling down and taking screenshots till the end.

2. Locate the screenshots you saved and then choose the share button at the bottom. See the cloud printer that you set up and click on the app.

3. This will start with the cloud printer, where you can transfer the text messages screenshots.

If you do not have cloud print set up for your android, you choose the email option on the share and send screenshots directly to your email address so you can easily open it and print it out from your PC. You can also transfer screenshots to your PC by using Google drive.

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Printing SMS texts Android with Super Backup

If you are not leading for printing screenshots of your text messages, then you have another option too by using third-party apps for printing SMS texts from Android.

 Firstly, Install the app on your android phone and then originate it. Printing text messages via this app only need few simple steps.

1. Go to the main screen, click on SMS. There are many options mentioned here to handle SMS messages that are saved on your phone.

2. Now, Tap on the Backup Conversation option on that screen.

3. Select the checkbox alongside the SMS texts that you want to print out.

 If you require various text messages conversation, you can choose multiple checkboxes and follow up on those.

Now, back on the screen where you can select any of the backed-up text messages for printing on the SMS screen.

4. Afterwards backward on the SMS screen, choose the view backups option.

5. Choose the file that you want to backup for printing text messages.

6. Click on the printer icon that shows on the peak of the window.

7. Move towards cloud print options to transfer the printout to your printer.

If you don’t have a cloud printer, you have the option of pdf preferably. Then send that pdf file to your PC by using google drive.

Printing SMS android via your phone

If you usually strive to print out any text messages from your android phone. there is another simple option that works better for you. you can locate text messages from your PC and printing out from there.

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Final Verdicts

Unluckily, there is no direct method for print SMS Android from the use android messaging app. But there are lots of valuable ways that we discussed above. Print out SMS texts from android can be very effective when you have any crucial texts that you don’t want to miss. So, these are the best ways to store and print out those necessary text messages. I hope it will preferably work for you.




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