Flower Books Every Florist Must Read

Florists need to be knowledgeable about their job, so it’s important to study more about flowers. Different species will require other methods of care. Moreover, florists need to be up to date with new ways to arrange and design bouquets, wreaths, centerpieces, and more. 

But it’s not just about how flowers are taken care of and designed. This may also include the general ins and outs of owning a flower shop in today’s time. As flower shops are adapting to changes, even in technology, there are ways on how florists can seamlessly streamline their businesses. In learning how you could adjust to the digital age so you could send flowers in Miami or any other state, it’s essential to learn the ropes of running an online flower shop. 

Flower Books

Book Recommendations For Florists

One of the best ways to stay knowledgeable on this topic is to read books. But with so many books on flower arrangement and gardening, it can be a little confusing as to which of them can provide the best information. It all depends on the kind of information you’re looking for. Whether it’s general information, trends, or instructional knowledge, there’s a floristry book that you can rely on and pick up whenever you need it. 

Here are some of the most recommended ones so far: 

1. Flowers: The Complete Book Of Flower Design 

If you’re specifically looking for different floral arrangement styles, this book is going to be a huge help and inspiration. Paula Pryke is the primary author of this book, and she is one of the most popular floral designers in the world. She’s known for being a thriving flower business owner and for her creativity in floral designs.  

In this book, there are over 80 projects florists can try to do. The book is divided into classic and contemporary styles to ensure that you can learn more about traditional styles and newer approaches. In this book, any florist can follow the step-by-step instructions and know which tools and supplies to use and when to use them. There are gorgeous pictures to help you see how the finished products look, making the instructions easier to follow.  

2. The Complete Garden Flower Book: Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs, Shrubs, Climbers 

For a reliable gardening book that focuses on flowers, this guide by Catie Ziller, is incredibly informational. There are different pieces of advice according to the species of flowers. It covers more traditional ones such as honeysuckles and even ones that are rarer, like Cymbidium orchids.  

In this book, you can expect information about gardening and planting that even beginners could follow. It also has exceptionally detailed profiles for certain plants, which is quite helpful in letting you know the best season and the places you can grow them in.  

This book covers over 600 species of plants and advises on how to grow each of them. The content can also help you deal with problems that might occur as some of these plants grow. Suffice to say that this is definitely a book that can offer most of the information you need as a florist.  

3. Flower Shop Florist Business Plan 2nd Edition (2018-2019) 

On the business side of things, it’s essential to know how to run your flower shop in the best way possible. And to do this, a curated business plan might be the guide you need. This second edition business plan for flower shops by Scott Proctor offers all kinds of helpful information. 

In this book, you could read more about the critical features of a business plan, products and services, a market analysis, facility operations, sales strategies, management structure, and financial analysis.  

If you find yourself wondering more about improving your flower business, this book will help you understand the technical side of things. This way, you can make sure that your business operations are done properly, and you can stay on top of your game even against the competition.  


Getting flowers is a great way to inspire and beautify an environment, which is why they’re often used for special occasions. This is also why there’s always an abundance of markets for flowers. However, florists have to consider different aspects of the business, such as the artistry of flower arrangement, the science of growing flowers, and the technical part of running a business. Thus, as a florist, meeting the demands in terms of the trends in design, flower species, and changes in the market will require a bit of studying up with the right books. 




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