Stunning ways to use flowers to feel motivated

Scientists have already proven that flowers and plants create positive effects on our mind and body and help you feel motivated. If you’re running out of ideas about how to use flowers in your daily life, keep reading.

First, let’s discover how flowers can be helpful for you.

How can flowers help you feel motivated?

Decorating your house, office, or environment with flowers will increase its aesthetic value. It is not only soothing for your eyes, but for your mind too. When you wake up to a beautiful environment around you every day, you will love your life more, and that will make you feel more motivated.

Flowers also generate positive energy around themselves. Having flowers and plants will make you calm and composed, and you will be filled with positive energy every day. You can easily buy flowers online from a Sherwood florist who has an online flower delivery service. That way, you don’t even have to leave your house, and your flowers will be delivered to your doorstep.

Now that you know the benefits of having flowers in your life, here are some ways to utilize flowers in the best possible ways.

How to include more flowers in your life?

There are so many ways to include flowers in your environment and your lifestyle. Here are a few ideas to let more flowers into your life and change it for the better.

1. Decorate your home

The easiest way to include flowers in your life is decorate your home with them. There are many ways to do so. You can use small potted flowering plants, flower bouquets in vases, massive floral centerpieces and floral arrangements, flower strings and garlands, wreaths, and other types of hanging flower decorations in your home. For bedrooms, you can go with medium sized flower bouquets in vases and place them on your bedside table. If you have two bedside tables on either sides of your bed, using bar arrangements (tall and narrow flower vases with fresh flowers) in pairs will look stunning. You can buy flowers online easily from a reputed Sherwood florist.

For your kitchen and dining room, you can use bigger vases that will work as centerpieces. While placing flowers in the kitchen, make sure to keep them away from heat sources, or they will wither very quickly. For the living room, colorful wreaths (during festivals like Christmas), floral strings, or wall decorations made of flowers will look stunning.

For bedrooms, you can go with monochromatic looks and sleek, stylish floral bouquets. More colorful and massive arrangements will look better in semi-open or large spaces like the living room or the dining area.

2. Build a flower garden

What can be better than building your own flower garden? I mean you can always buy flowers online, but picking flowers from your own garden built from scratch will make you feel even better! If you have a backyard or a designated gardening area, then you can start your very own flower garden with flowers that are strong, survives easily, and don’t require a lot of hard work, like Sunflowers, Daisies, or Lilies. However, if you live in apartments and/or don’t have access to soil, then too, you can plant flowers in pots. Ask your local Sherwood florist about the best potted flowering plants in your climate or do your own research online, and get going!

3. Spruce up your office

After our homes, we probably spend the most amount of time in our offices. How will you get your daily dose of positivity and motivation if you ignore your office? Flowers like orchids, peace lily, and gerbera daisies are appropriate for office desks because they don’t require lots of water, direct sun, or constant care, and they survive in the vase for a long time. You can also place potted plants like Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Philodendron, and Devil’s Ivy in your office. These plants are natural air purifiers and produce lots of oxygen. Plus, they look awesome as decorations.

4. Make potpourri 

You can also make use of old flowers in the vase when they wither, and make potpourri out of them. Placing pouches of potpourri around your houses will definitely help elevate your mood with their sweet aroma. For making potpourri, first dry up the flowers, some leaves, mulches for fillers, and anything organic that you wish to add. Next, add a few drops of your most favorite essential oils and mix them very well. Preserve the mixture in air-tight containers for a few weeks before putting them in porous pouches and hanging them around your house. You can also send them as gifts to your family and friends.



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