Your Guide To Be More Productive While Working From Home

Starting from March 2020, most of the organizations announced work from home and it was a quite difficult phase for most of the organizations and their employees. Change of a workplace can be quite difficult for many if it happens for a longer period. And thus, most of the employees struggled hard to keep up with the work-from-home culture. Honestly speaking, many are still struggling.

After observing the daily routine of people who are doing WFH quite well, and understanding their habits, we have listed down some daily routine changes that you incorporate to be more productive from your home without any stress:

1. Create A Morning Routine

Starting your day with some exercise/yoga/meditation, a cup of coffee/tea, making a to-do list, and planning your tasks will resolve more than half of your problems. Procrastinating things and starting your day late may leave you to end up working till late causing more stress. That way, you can switch on the new habit of kicking off your workday.

2. Stay In Touch With The Training

You may feel very demotivated to attend the training alone at home, unlike the times where you used to attend it with your fellow employees. But missing out on training and skills development courses can make your career and skills stagnant. Many companies have adapted LMS-based training courses for their employees like Fuse Universal. You can check with your manager if you have something similar in your company. As you are saving a lot of time on your daily commute, you should invest that time in taking up training and upgrading your skills. 

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3. Keep Taking Short Breaks

Do not ignore yourself and your health while working. Working for too long continuously can saturate your mind and your energy. Stressing yourself so much may lead to a decrease in your thinking and decision-making skills and may also often lead to a decrease in productivity. Take a short break every 2 hours and walk away from your screen. Spend that time drinking coffee/tea, with your family members & pets, or stretching. This will help your mind, eyes, and muscles to relax and you can focus even better when you go back to your screen again.

4. Keep A Dedicated Office Space

Do you know how many people have suffered back and neck problems by lying down on the bed or sofa for hours? You definitely don’t want to be one of them! Keeping a separate space for your office work with the desk, chair setup is another factor that will help in building your productivity. It will help you get away from all the other distractions at home as well as be good for your physical health. 

5. Don’t Miss The Meetings

We understand that working from home is a very painful thing at first and that you already have too many things to take care of and look after. And hence, employees try to skip the meetings that are not very important to them or where their presence is optional. But, by attending the meetings, you can make your boss notice that you have a good focus even at home and their appreciation will motivate you. Even a simple, “Thank you, everyone” or “Bye all!” at the end of the meeting will help you make your presence known.

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6. Take A Day-Off When Sick

You do not have to be a superhero at the rescue even when it is not necessary. You should be a hero for yourself and start taking your health as your first priority. When you know that your work is not urgent or you have your team to cover you up in case you are feeling blue, take a day off and rest, and come back the next day with fresh energy.


Working from home can be a challenge, but by following the above steps we guarantee you that it will increase your productivity to a great extent. 

If you are one of them dealing and balancing the work from home and work at home and having a productivity loss, you may have to change some of your habits and routines to make success at working from home like a pro. Trust me, I have seen so many of my friends and colleagues struggle at it, and also some of them excel at it like a champion.

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