Why Women’s Faux Fur Slippers are so Trending Nowadays

Slippers are among the everyday use footwear that we need in all seasons. Along with coziness and comfort, they also must be stylish enough no matter whether you are wearing them at home or outside. Materials like microsuede, plush and faux fur are most commonly available in the market nowadays. Talking about the most trending option, faux fur is currently trending. Its eye-catching look and awesome wearing comfort are the reasons why the faux fur footwear category is occupying special sections in footwear stores. If you are going to buy a new pair of slippers, let me explain why womens faux fur slippers should be your priority. 

Why choose faux fur slippers for women

1. They look cute 

The fur looks cute whether it is real or faux. Whether they are your slippers, cardigan or skull cap, faux fur always adds grace to the overall look. Especially for women, this material is eye-candy. Even you can also consider a decent pair of faux fur slippers as a gifting option for someone special. Their cute look will surely make anyone fall in love at the first sight. 

2. Available in a wide range of colors and embellishments

Talking about the variety, the manufacturer’s faux fur slippers will have countless options to serve. Every day, new color ranges and patterns are coming to the market. Furry slippers in pink, purple, yellow, sky blue and other vivid colors sometimes confuse what to choose and what’s not. 

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Moreover, embellishment work on faux fur is also interesting. You will find jewels, love signs, cute teddy bears and other soft toys fixed on the top of faux fur slippers making them super cool. 

3. Most comfortable material 

Fur is undoubtedly the most comfortable material when it comes to buying slippers. It feels softer than PU, plush and microsuede. For indoor footwear, this material is unbeatable. Faux fur is made up of raw materials like modacrylic, acrylic fiber and polyester. All of them are durable enough to beat the normal wear and tear. Moreover, faux fur is hypoallergenic. Therefore, anyone can wear slippers without worrying about any skin reaction. 

4. No animal cruelty

Fur basically came into existence from animals’ undercoats and guard hair used by ancient people to stay warm. What if we get better comfort and warmth with artificially-made fur? It encourages cruelty-free footwear. You get a soft furry feeling that too without harming any animal. 

5. Affordable 

The faux fur clog slippers are made up of modacrylic, acrylic fiber and polyester materials. All of them are affordable enough to wear on a regular basis. If something comfortable and stylish is available at a reasonable price, why look for other alternatives?

These five reasons are enough to understand why faux fur should be your first priority while buying slippers. All you need is to take care of brand credibility and material quality. They are mostly meant for indoor use. Thus, buy a pair of faux fur slippers that are easy to clean and require less maintenance. 

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