Who is Santa Claus from The Christmas Chronicles?

The Christmas Chronicles is a fun and exciting movie to lighten the mood! This movie came to life in 2018, featuring two kids, Kate and Teddy, who are siblings. Teddy is lost in his life journey after his father’s death, but Sister Kate is on the rescue! Kate wants to keep the Christmas spirit alive and convinces her brother to join her on this little fun trip. One Christmas, these siblings set on a journey to catch Santa Claus, but new turns of events take them by surprise. 

Our hero, Santa Claus, played by Kurt Russell, is the movie’s star. Santa Claus is dressed in his famous Christmas Chronicles Santa Claus leather coat and long gray-white beard. He makes an appearance on the night of Christmas. The two hide in his sleigh as Santa departs after leaving the kid’s gifts. Later, when the siblings make their appearance known, it takes Santa and his reindeer by surprise. As a result, they end up in Chicago, Illinois, by teleporting. Santa introduces himself and asks the kids to help him get all the gifts to deliver to their rightful owners that got lost in the process. 

Everyone loves this comedy and family movie! The storyline is the dream of every kid that Kate and Teddy got to experience. It is not only a fun trip for the kid but a lesson in helping and caring for each other. And guess what? Teddy finally finds meaning in life and sees a purpose for the first time after his father’s death. 

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Why Santa Claus is everyone’s favorite? 

The Legendary Santa Claus rules the hearts of all kids! Everyone waits all year for Christmas morning to receive gifts and share their happiness, from kids to adults. Santa is said to bring gifts to children and deliver them on Christmas night, so the kids wake up to their presents the next morning. The legendary outfit of Santa comprises red under suit topping Christmas Chronicles Santa Claus’s leather coat and a fur hat. 

Santa is the star of Christmas! He is the jack of all trades, from making to distributing gifts amongst children. In The Christmas Chronicles, Santa can craft gifts from little things. He is the best toymaker in the world. Santa might have a long beard, but he is not as old as he possesses the talents of dancing and singing as well. Moreover, he is well aware of coding to make new innovative games for children.

Santa is the master of many powers. He has the magic of teleporting from one place to another; hence he can deliver gifts to everyone in one night. He always has some toys under his sleeves. Well, if we wonder how one sleeve can possess so many toys? The answer is simple; it’s all MAGIC. 

Create your very own Santa Claus!

Well, the mystery of Santa Claus remains only till we are kids. No matter how much we want Santa Claus to be real, at the end of the day, our parents are the ones who put our gifts under the Christmas tree (Oops! sorry for bursting the bubble). Guess what? You can create your very own Santa Claus look when it’s your time to give the gifts to your kiddos or make your kid’s Christmas more special. 

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Christmas Chronicles

The Legendary Santa look is completed with a white button-down shirt, a red vest or underdress, and Santa Claus’s red leather coat. Santa also wears a red fur hat because of the chilly winter nights. For the makeover, use a fake grayish white beard; it is easily available everywhere. Voila! Your fiery Santa Claus Christmas look is ready. 

Not only is the popular Christmas Chronicle’s Santa Claus Coat a great way to complete a Santa look on a cold day, but it is also a great fashion piece for those cold winter days. The red leather coat is manufactured with a wool blend giving it a more voguish look. The inner material is made of shearling lining aids in durability with its rough and tough construction. Moreover, the hoodie collars make it convenient to wear in chilly winters and have a button closure. It is only available in the color red, which is the chic factor of this jaw-dropping Santa Claus Coat. Enjoy your winters and Christmas to the fullest in the innovative Santa Claus leather coat. 

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