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You might have started to develop a great business plan for a construction company with realistic estimates of your profits and losses, how many people you’ll need to hire, and what kind of clients you will cater to. While these things are all important to think about when planning to start a construction company, having the right equipment for this type of work is essential. Below are a few examples of the kinds of tools and other important equipment you will need as part of your construction business. 

The scaffold tower hire market is a very competitive one. The market is dominated by a few major players, who have the ability to offer their services at the best possible cost. There are many reasons for why you might need scaffold tower hire. If you’re building a new property, then you’ll need to ensure that it’s up to code and safe for your employees and guests. If you’re renovating an existing property, then it’s important to make sure that the structure is sound before any work begins so as not to risk injury or damage to your investment.

Work Truck

You will need a suitable vehicle to carry your tools and other equipment to your construction sites, and perhaps even think about eventually having more than one truck for business purposes. Not only will this be your main mode of transport for work, but it will also be the right kind of vehicle that is durable enough to carry all of your work essentials and be on construction sites.

Protective Clothing 

You will also need to make sure that you can provide protective clothing that any crew or visitors to the construction site can use. A lot of construction workers will invest in protective gear for themselves, but it is always sensible to have some spare in case someone forgets their hard heart or safety glasses, for example. You can find an extensive list of construction safety wear here.

Welding Tools 

Of course, you’ll need the basics,s like drills, hammers, and screwdrivers, but when you are running a construction business, you will need to invest in more industrial-level equipment to use on-site. While you might not need welding tools for every job, it is worth investing in process heating tools for plastics and metals when the occasion calls for it. Welding is not an uncommon part of the construction, so make sure that you are prepared for this by investing in equipment suitable for these tasks.

Cement Mixer

Cement is used in all kinds of construction, so it makes sense to invest in a few good cement mixers to take with you to worksites. You can rent this equipment if you want to, and that might be more manageable for start-up businesses, but in the long term, you’ll likely be saving money by just purchasing cement mixers for your construction company to own.


Again, this is something that you can hire for a temporary period if this is more suitable for your business budget or if you don’t have a suitable place to store scaffolding when it’s not in use. However, if you can afford to purchase and store scaffolding, this is worthwhile, particularly if most of your construction work is on properties that have more than one story.


Another industrial piece of equipment that is essential for any construction company is an excavator. These machines are versatile and can help you to dig up the ground to help make room for safe foundations, move materials, and even assist with demolition. It will not be a cheap business expense, but this is a must-have piece of machinery you will need to invest in.

There are a lot of other items of equipment you will need to make your construction company a success, but these are all good places to start when it comes to creating your checklist.


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