What are the kinds of career opportunities you can expect as a beginner in trading?

The trading world had always been out of bounds for the common public until very recently. With growing awareness about the career benefits of pursuing trading as a profession and the availability of multiple learning resources, the financial world is seeing the emergence of a record number of traders.

The market is filled with many trading courses for beginners with comprehensive curriculums and practical training modules. A good trading programme can provide you with the relevant trading acumen and financial expertise you need to become a successful trader.

Aside from the ability to become financially independent at a young age, investing in a good trading programme can also ensure you get sufficient career diversity. Read ahead to explore the kind of career options you can expect to get after becoming a qualified financial trader.

What are the top trading careers to look out for in the financial world?

Once you develop sufficient trading practice and acumen, you can be eligible for working in any of the fascinating roles mentioned below.

  1. Senior arbitrage trader: A senior arbitrage trader is hired for identifying and deploying effective trading strategies to improve company margins and profitability. They also analyse market data to spot potential trading opportunities.
  2. Vice president for electronic trading: An electronic trading VP takes the business decisions regarding trade options pricing and other technology-related decisions for electronic trading platforms and apps.
  3. Commodities trader: Commodities traders are hired for researching, design and testing different quantitative models and strategies for trading in commodities. They need to know about commodities trading in-depth and should be able to understand and implement high-frequency trading signals.
  4. Strategy and algorithm manager: These professionals are responsible for designing different mathematical models for the valuation of different financial securities. They also handle the implementation of these models and trading techniques. They also assess the performance attribution of live portfolios and tweak them to maximise their performance.
  5. Equity dealing agent: An equity dealing agent executes different investment and trading ideas that have been suggested by senior management of the trading firm. They usually have years of market experience which allows them to assess the effectiveness of the ideas and suggest improvements to them.
  6. Finance controller: Finance controllers generally report to the head of the finance department of a company. They lead and manage trading and investment teams and look after financial operations like balance sheet analysis and monthly closing calculations.
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Other intriguing career roles include the business head of a stock broking firm, a senior regulatory manager, a treasury officer or a trade settlement officer. 

A good trading programme can also provide you with the necessary transferable skills to switch to other interesting career roles outside the trading domain. You can gain enough financial expertise to look for a career in financial sectors like insurance management or investment banking.

Start your search for a good trading programme today that can get you started on your journey of becoming a financially successful trader.

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