As we all moved towards digital platforms there are many online sites that provide online cartoons for kids. WatchCartoonOnline is one of the most famous and reliable platforms. As the title already suggests, kids can watch cartoons online with the help of this site. WatchCartoonOnline is a well-liked platform because it is the most used destination among different websites that can provide almost the same content.

There are many reasons for its achievements; one of them is that it is effortless to remember its name. Other grounds are that it satisfies all needs of a user. If you are an anime lover or a cartoon follower then you must have heard about this site. There is no web page that addresses WatchCartoonOnline if you talk about the display.

Now, you must be thinking about why we need alternatives? The answer is, because of copyright content, this site is also illegal in some parts of the world.  You should use VPN to be safe.

If you are not able to watch shows on WatchCartoonOnline then I will tell you the Top 10 Alternatives of WatchCartoonOnline.

1. SuperCartoons


SuperCartoons is the first alternative to WatchCartoonOnline. This app is known for its smartness as it provides an excellent user interface. You will get different lessons and track highlights on its landing page. The quality of the video is also up to the mark. This site can support a maximum of 4K UHD.

You can also download it from this site. You can also get classic cartoons on this website. The plus point of this website is that you can upload scenes of any anime from this site.

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2. CartoonsOn


This website is a simple solution of WatchCartoonOnline and it also has excellent features. It has a new feature of On-Site Recording. You can discover shows of Walt Disney and Marvel Comics.

You can also demand your preferences on this website. You can point out the errors on this site. You will get a search bar on the homepage of this website that helps you in getting your choice easily.

This site can work on all devices. Video quality on this website is very good; you can also get cartoon shows in HD quality.

3. Toonjet


Toonjet and WatchCartoonOnline have many similarities, so it must be the best alternative to WatchCartoonOnline. Both are absolute in nature, which means that Toonjet can be watched absolutely. You can easily log into Toonjet. You can get a search bar on the homepage of the website with the help of that feature you can easily search for shows of your choice.

You will not get any disturbance from ads while you’re watching any show. This quality makes this website likable among anime watchers. You can find both old and new sets of cartoons on this website. Toonjet is very popular that’s why it has an exceptional gathering of visitors.

You will find various route options that will help you in saving your precious time.

4. AnimePahe


AnimePahe is developed for Otaku (“otaku” means people with consuming interests, particularly in Anime and Manga) or Anime enthusiasts. You can also get subtitles that help you to understand any anime if you don’t have its dubbed version and you don’t have the knowledge of Japanese.

It is very easy and simple to use Graphic User Interface. It has tons of anime shows, so you will also get a search bar on the home page that helps you in getting the show which you wanted to watch. You will get few ads while watching any show.

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5. OtakuStream


You can get TV shows and movies on OtakuStream. You can get anime of different types like spoof, emotion, feature, chiller, series, etc. This channel is perhaps the best channel to be watched. You can also ask for any clip of anime if that is not available on this channel. A network of this website compared to WatchCartoonOnline.

6. KimCartoon


You can watch your favorite TV shows and cartoons on this website. This website is almost the same if we compare it with other websites that were used to watch cartoons and anime. It has the same features, options, and highlights. This website is accessible from any device, you can use it on a phone or laptop.

You can upload videos on this website or by the use of this site. It is somehow similar to flow cartoons.

KimCartoon is banned in many countries because of its copyright infringement. It is a third-party unauthorized platform. There are many shows which are available in HD quality. You can watch shows on bigger screens because of their high quality.

7. GoGoAnimes


GoGoAnime has a huge database. It has been generated from a great website like WatchCartoonOnline. It is an amazing website to watch any show online for free. You can also use this website to upload any stuff.

This website is purely dedicated to anime shows. You can get a different kind of content on this website. This site can provide shows for children as well as for adults. It is very easy to use this site. You can search without any trouble.

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8. Toon Nova


If you don’t want to sign up before watching any show, then you should get this benefit on ToonNova. There is no need to sign up for your account.  You have to just open this website to watch your favorite shows.  This site also offers promotions to its users or customers. It is a free site that means you don’t need to pay money to watch shows here.  You will not get any interruption from ads.

9. Cartoon Crazy


CartoonCrazy is a website that is entirely devoted to web-based shows for children. This website is very simple to use because of its design. Its look, as well as its design, is good. Moreover, there are multiple choices you will get on this website because that it saves time for the customer.

If you want to upload or stream anything, then you can do that easily. You can discover anime or cartoons of your choice.

10. Vudu


Vudu is well-known for its collection of children’s shows.  There are many features of this website as its highlights and different options.

This is an exceptional alternative to WatchCartoonOnline. You can definitely look for Vudu if other options are not working and not accessible. Vudu can satisfy your needs. But it may be possible that you will not get every show.

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You can get up to 4 K UHD videos on this website. Vudu is almost like a TV on your Laptop or mobile.

There are a number of options for you if you don’t have the access to use WatchCartoonOnline. You can select any one website according to your choice and location. It may be possible that you will not get every show according to your choice.

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