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Manga and anime are an equal part of Japan. It enjoys cult status not only in its native Japan, but also in almost the whole world. From kids, young adults to adults- everyone loves watching anime. Well, if you consider his varied stories and fascinating illustrations; Anime series is a delight for anyone. And why do people love anime shows? Of course, the shows are fascinating and the animators and mangaka artists never fail to surprise us with their stories and engaging content. Over time, more and more anime have been released in different parts of the world in languages ​​like English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, etc. Additionally, anime are often available with subtitles for the convenience of the audience.

If you love anime shows, then you are one of those people who will wait for your favorite anime movies and catch them on online platforms. Ask any anime lover about their favorite pass-time. They will respond instantly to binge watching their favorite shows in the free streaming platform such as Kissanime, 9anine,etc.

There are only a few legal and authentic streaming platforms dedicated to anime and Anime-Planet is one of them. It is a well known and popular site which is favorite among global audience. In such a situation, there is a lot of traffic every day. Therefore, often the server becomes slow and you may face some problems. And, the site is still under construction. Therefore, it may not be available in every country. 

What is Anime-Planet?

Anime-Planet is a great option for anyone who loves the latest anime. But, if you want to go back down your memory lane and rewatch some old animes, you may have to search a lot. And most of all, only subbed versions are available in lesser-known or older anime series.

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Nevertheless, Anime-Planet is one of the best free sites to stream any anime series for free, it also allows its users to download a few episodes or a series of anime movies. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend a single penny to download, everything here comes free. 


What are the features of Anime-Planet?

Its biggest feature is that it is quite user friendly. The platform is well organized and you never miss anything. Another thing is an exciting topic. The site is a lot more colorful and peppy – just like the anime shows.

  • Another feature is that it is a free website. So, you can stream your favorite anime shows online.
  • This site has a comprehensive list of old and new anime. Anime shows are available for their global audience with different dubbed languages. Additionally, anime also come with subtitles. 
  • Anime-Planet cares about the user experience. Hence, it offers anime shows in HD format.
  • In addition, the creators regularly update their database and add new anime shows and episodes to satisfy their audience.


How to download anime from anime-planet?

Anime-Planet only offers video streaming and online reading. The same applies to the manga collection. This means that you can only read manga issues online in the website. Although it does not allow the download of manga and anime episodes; Users still love it. The reason for this is their streaming quality. All you need is a working internet connection to stream your favorite anime series or read any manga for free.


Where can we watch anime?

Anime is available very fast on the internet. There are many sites out there that cater to anime that can be watched or downloaded online as per the convenience of the viewers. One of such sites mentioned is Anime-Planet. 

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Apart from this, there are many applications that you can download on your phone as well. Applications usually vary depending on what OS you have, but Anime-Planet is a reliable app that you can find on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

How to watch anime on Anime-Planet?

Simply because the process of watching anime on Anime-Planet is so easy. So, first of all, you go to the official site of Anime-Planet. You can do this or use the app on your phone, whichever is convenient. Once you’re in, find the search bar and type in the name of the anime you want to watch.

If you are new to this, you can choose an anime from the list of famous anime displayed on the screen. Once you find what you want to watch, you just click on the anime, choose the season and episode and sit back and enjoy the show. See? Not rocket science at all.

Is AnimePlanet free?

What is the best anime site I am recommending to you for free in good faith? Yes, free! Both the sites you access from your PC with the app on your phone don’t cost a dime you’d have to spend.

Just going to site, enjoyed and logged off. On Anime-Planet, you can watch anime and enjoy your favorite shows without doing anything but having a good internet connection. You might be waiting for a catch to mention that ambiguous ‘but’, but there isn’t one. It’s as good as it sounds.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Anime-Planet Legal?

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Anime-Planet is a completely legal free streaming website. Therefore, all the content they offer is obtained with legal permission. Therefore, you can freely watch or download anime shows and movies from here.

Anime Planet Is available in India? 

Anime-Planet is a legit site. Therefore, they do not offer copyrighted material or the latest releases. But, his collection is huge. You can definitely find your favorite anime series or movie among their over 4500 anime shows and movies. They also give regular updates. Hence, you can get the latest shows two or three months after their release. But, you will not find Bollywood, Hollywood and other types of movies.

What is the streaming quality of Anime-Planet?

Anime Planet offers a great streaming experience, you can stream HD content for free. 

Is it safe for streaming?

Anime Let’s is designed for all types of audience. It comes with special content for kids. You can also select Kids-only mode and make only kid-friendly content available for streaming. So, your kids can also enjoy their favorite anime shows and you don’t have to worry about the safety.


Anime-Planet is a legit anime streaming site. It provides free streaming of anime shows. So, its content is legal and you need not worry. All you need is a good quality internet service to stream any anime series or movie to download. Fast and fast internet connection will provide buffer-free streaming and fast downloading options. If it is not available in your country then you can always choose any option from the list and watch anime without any problem.

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