Sloped Garden

In the last few years, in the field of garden design, more people than ever before are opting for a more natural look, rather than one that is based around the laying of concrete or slabs or, in extreme cases, the type which may involve leveling the entire garden and flattening it!

So, if you have recently bought a house or are renting one with a sloped garden at the back, don’t despair. There are still many things you can do to make this an attractive and quirky feature for your home, and with a bit of thoughtful landscaping, it can be a beautiful thing to behold.

Read on to learn more about how you can create a beautiful sloped garden area.

Steps And Raised Beds

Okay, so putting steps in is going to require a slight amount of leveling. Still, it can help to break the slope down and can make it accessible for children or elderly family members, and is an essential first step in designing your sloped garden if you wish to pursue it, as it will be harder to put measures in later when there are established plants and trees! Raised beds can also create a sense of symmetry, especially if the layout is broken down to having around one step per bed, which can also create a visual illusion that the garden is not as steep as it appears.


There are many bushes that can do well in a sloped garden and can help to become a focal point, which can draw the eye away from the sloping aspects of the lawn. Some examples include buddleias and even larger rose bushes. Aim to plant flowers and foliage that will grow taller than the average bedding plant to help break the height of the garden down to the naked eye.

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If your garden is only slightly sloped, and rather than going up, it slants to the side, one thing you may need to have put in is a path. This can help if you’re not dealing with an intensely dramatic incline, and it will assist in enhancing the natural look of the slope without being excessively dramatic. Plus, it will give you and other members of your family a natural way to walk through the garden.


Rockeries are a nice addition to any garden, but if you have ever watched a gardening show, you will note that in the majority of cases, the people creating the landscape often dig a slope to put them in place. This is because – simply put – a flat rockery is not that attractive. So, one way you can take advantage of your sloped garden is to put in a larger rockery and break it up from the flat parts of the garden with a wall or other features.

Raised Seating Area

It can give an unnatural look to a sloped garden to have the seating area placed at the bottom. Indeed, it can, in some cases, make the slope look more pronounced. So, if you have the budget, aim to put the seating area on a higher part of the garden, as it will give a more beautiful view of the area without having to crane your neck!