Social Security Disability Lawyers

If you suddenly become disabled and require the assistance of an attorney to help in applying for Social Security disability — or appeal a denial of disability — it may seem like a daunting task to find legal representation you feel at ease working with. Because when you find potential attorneys that you might hire, you’ll have to meet with them to decide if they’re a good fit for you. When you find an attorney whom you like, she or he will help significantly in your claim for Social Security disability.

Finding a Disability Attorney

There are several ways to go about locating an attorney to deal with your disability claim, which includes:

Asking friends and family 

Before doing an online search for “social security disability lawyers near me,” try to get referrals from family and friends first. Those you are close to might have experience with disability attorneys without you knowing it. There are multiple reasons friends and family might know disability attorneys, like a working relationship or a friendship. It’d be useful to have a friend or family suggest someone they trust because it might help you feel comfortable with your choice.

Ask other people who’ve undergone the process of disability 

Frequently when you’re disabled, you’re involved in rehab with additional disabled people, like at hospitals, rehab centers, and other service places. Also, you might become familiar with disabled people through living situations, work training or work, or other activities in the community.

The benefit of asking another person who has previously gone through the process is that they’ll let you know about their experience working with particular “social security disability lawyers near me”. Objective, helpful questions to ask include:

  • If the attorney followed through on commitments and deadlines made to a client.
  • If the attorney got back to a client promptly when messages were left.
  • If the attorney helped explain things and answer questions.

Check local bar association for social security disability lawyers near me

In every county and state, there’s a Bar Association– an organization composed of the ones in the legal profession. It’s meant to provide support and services to attorneys, in addition to the ones in need of social security disability lawyers near me. Usually, there’s a section on the Bar Association site in which it’s possible to browse attorneys by their areas of practice. Several names probably will be provided for you to select from. Remember that the social security disability lawyers near me recommended are simply Bar Association members, and the referral usually isn’t based on personal knowledge of the attorney and their capabilities.

As you undergo the process of locating a OPERS Disability Lawyer, you must keep in mind what roles they play. It isn’t their responsibility to tell you whatever you want to hear. Instead, they’re available to give you a realistic view of the cons and pros of your claim and use their skills and knowledge to assist you in getting Social Security disability benefits.


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